The Smart Way to Build and Tune a Top Level Harley Sound System


Live Tune Enabled Systems

Live Tune Enabled Harley audio systems are a product of the following components. 

  • Computer controlled digital sound processor (DSP) with integrated 4 channel amplifier (130 watts RMS X4)
  • Dedicated testing microphone and USB interface
  • Your personal PC/Laptop with an internet connection
  • An appointment with one of our experienced techs that remotely connect to your bike system and make all of the audio adjustments for you while running a series of comprehensive audio tests to verify each step. 

We Tune Your Bike for You

We tune your bike for you

All Live-Tune enabled systems can be remotely tuned via the internet by one of our professionals. We can tune your bike from anywhere in the world. Why settle for anything less than the best? Our techs set these systems up every day and have tuned thousands of bike audio systems over the years.

How It Works

How Live Tune Works

The Live-Tune service includes a tuning kit rental and a live remote PC tuning session appointment. The tuning kit has a lab grade calibrated microphone and everything that you will need to plug it into your bike system. We even include a microphone stand. Helix DSP amplifiers have very advanced diagnostic and tuning tools built right into them. Once the tuning microphone and an internet connected PC is plugged into your bike via USB, we can then see and control every aspect of your audio system remotely. This service is only available for Live Tune enabled systems purchased from Feel free to call us at 1(888)311-0016 with any questions you might have.

What We Can Control

 During a Live Tune session we can see and adjust the following.

• Speaker Frequency Response - real world - real time
• Speaker Equalizer - up to 10 channels
• Crossovers - up to 10 channels
• Speaker Phase - up to 10 channels
• Radio De-Equalizer! - up to 4 channels, works with any flash
• DSP Input Gains
• Amplifier Output Gains
• Output Gains for Additional External Amplifiers
• User Equalizer - Completely separate from speaker equalizer. Works on top of speaker equalizer so that the user can add a personal touch without messing things up.
• Augmented Bass Enhancer
• Clarity Expander
• Save All Settings to amplifier/DSP
• Many More Important Adjustments


Live Tune Enabled Systems



Are Live Tune Enabled Kits Plug & Play with My Bike?

It depends on the kit that you chose as well as the trim of your bike, but all Live Tune enabled kits are designed to be as plug and play as possible. All kits at a minimum come with plug and play connectors for front radio signal, front speakers, and accessory power. Each kit has detailed fitment information that can be found on the product page for that kit. If you have any questions feel free to give us a call. We know these bikes inside and out. 1(888)311-0016

Will Live Tune Work for the Audio System That I Already Have Installed on My Bike?

Live Tune can work with any existing sound system (speakers and amplifers) as long as a Helix MFour DSP amplifier either is added to the system or already exists in the system. Live Tune only works with Helix MFour DSP amplifiers. The MFour DSP is the brains and connection point to the entire Live Tune system. 

Is Renting the Live Tune microphone kit required for Live Tune to work?

Yes, to get all of the features. All Live Tune enabled systems feature the Helix MFour DSP amplifier which has the most advanced and powerful digital sound processor built in which is fully capable of all DSP features independent of the testing microphone other than the acoustic tests. Without the acoustic tests there is no way to verify that all of the DSP settings are optimized because the Live Tune system has no way of hearing and displaying the results. We always recommend renting the microphone kit with a remote tuning session. 

Does Live Tune Work With Aftermarket Radios?

YES! All Live Tune systems have 6 channels of RCA input so that you can retain the fader and subwoofer controls of your aftermarket radio. There are also a few tuning features that are specific to aftermarket radios that make the radio function better in the loud motorcycle environment. 

Will Live Tune Work With My 2013 and Earlier Bike?

Yes, but it's not a direct fit or plug and play with the older bikes. Due to fairing fitment issues we only support 2014 and latter Harley touring bikes as fairing mounted plug and play kits. However you can special order (phone order only) a bag mounted version along with custom made signal, power, and speaker harnesses for Road Kings (all years) as well as 2013 and earlier Street, Electra, Ultra, and Road Glides.


Live Tune Enabled Systems