This drive contains critical installation information, software, and specialized test tracks that must be used when installing a Helix M400DSP amplifier.

Pink Noise Test Track

Plug this drive into your radios USB port and set your radio to repeat track. When setting up your amplifier you will need to play the Pink Noise test track continuously. 

Has Your Bike Been Flashed?

Your bike likely doesn't need to be flashed when using a Helix DSP. The Helix DSP has an integrated input analyzer that allows you to actually look at the radios signal. If your radio has a funky flash on it, you can use the integrated input EQ to correct for any frequency response. 

What Is Pink Noise?

Pink Noise is a test signal that sounds like FM static. It is random bursts of energy at every one third octave. When played back on a stereo system, you can use an analyzer to see what frequencies are too high or too low. Using an equalizer, you can boost or cut any of those frequencies so that the entire frequency range is flat (flat is good). 

We Already Set Up Your Helix Amplifier for You, but You Need to Check It Yourself. 

When you place your order we generally ask you what year your bike is and if your radio has been flashed. We use that information along with what speakers you have purchased to make as many of the amplifier settings as we can for you. This potentially saves you lots of time, but it is your responsibility to check all settings for yourself. Fortunately Helix gives you lots of built in tools in the DSP software to do just that.  


There are a few instructional articles on this USB drive that you must read BEFORE performing your installation. If you do not have the time or patience to read the instructions, you should find a professional installer instead of installing this amplifier yourself. 

Play With the Software First!

Install the DSP software on this drive to your PC. You can then launch the software in demo mode without having to connect to the amplifier. This allows you to get to know the software interface. Please read the articles and get to know the software before your installation. It will save you lots of unneeded frustration and confusion.