Hertz MPK Plug & Play

The crossovers in this kit have been modified so that they are plug and play and so that they easily fit in the fairing.

Each passive crossover has three connections.

  1. Input from the amplifier
  2. Output to the 6.5” woofer
  3. Output to the tweeter

We have pre-wired connectors to each of these points for you. The plugs on the crossovers mate directly to the plugs that are already in your bike.

Connection 1 Woofer Output
This connector has female pins on a black connector. Unplug the factory radio speaker plug from the speaker pod and plug in the matching plug from the crossover. The woofer is now connected.

Connection 2 Tweeter Output
This connector has female pins and is on a small white connector. Plug it into the matching connector on the tweeter with male pins. The tweeter is not connected.

Connection 3 Amplifier Input
This is a black connector with male pins. Connect this to the amplifiers front output. If you purchased our Plug & Play Front Signal Harness for your factory radio, then this will be the harness that came with that kit labeled “Speaker Pod Harness”. The speaker pod harnesses have a black Molex connector with female pins and red and black wires encased in a black jacket. The black jacket can be stripped back and the red and black wires should be connected to your amplifiers front output. Some amplifiers have screw type terminals and some amplifiers have a pigtail with wires where a wire to wire connection will need to be made.

If you have a DSR1 or other sound processor, the DSR1 goes in line between the radio output (the plug that was originally connected to the speaker pod) and the input of the amplifier. Those connections have nothing to do with the connections between the output of the amplifier and the speakers shown here.