Harley Auxiliary Sitch Kit for Audio

  1. Switch connector
  2. Auxiliary 2 output
  3. Auxiliary 1 output
  4. Auxiliary switch power feed 
  5. Switch ground connection
  6. Optional plug and play pigtail for amplifier remote in

What this kit is

This harness converts the optional factory Harley P & A switches into on off switches for aftermarket items that are activated by the audio systems amplifier remote system.

The Factory Setup
The factory P & A switches are designed to activate/deactivate accessories on the bike that are powered by the bikes accessory circuit - activated by the ignition switch. IN the case of aftermarket amplifiers this does not work, because it would then be possible and likely that an amplifier could be left in the on position when the radio was off. For example when the bike is first started. The result would be an amplifier that turned on before the rest of the audio system, and this would cause an extreme pop to be emitted by the audio system that would be dangerous to the speakers. Not to mention unnerving. The factory auxiliary switch outputs are located under the left side cover of the bike in front of the saddlebag.

The Result of This Kit
This kit relocates the auxiliary outputs of the switches from the side cover area to the fairing area. This kit also reconfigures the feed power of the auxiliary switches to be the remote signal from the audio system instead of the bikes ignition system accessory power. Doing so eliminates the dangerous amplifier turn on pop.


This kit requires the optional factory auxiliary switch pack to be present.

  1. Connect the Black female 6 pin Molex connector to the switch pack.
  2. Connect the Black male 6 pin Molex connector to the factory harley auxiliary wire harness. This harness will have a 6 pin female Molex connector with 5 wires in it. The color of those wires are, Violet/Blue, Black, Light Blue/Yellow, and Light Blue/White.
  3. Connect the Red wire with white female two pin connector to the audio system's remote output circuit. This connection will feed the auxiliary switches. The white connector is plug and play with many of American Hard Bag’s wire harnesses and kits. If your audio system does not have this connector, cut it off and hardwire your remote circuit or replace the connector with one of your choice. If you have a DSP in your audio system this connection should always be made at the output of that DSP. If you have other amplifiers in your audio system that you do not want switched, this connection should be made parallel to those amplifiers (connected to both the switches as well as the other amplifiers).
  4. Connect the Blue wire with white 2 pin connector to the amplifier that you want switched. This connection should be made to the amplifier’s remote input terminal. The white connector is plug and play with many American Hard Bag’s wire harnesses. A mating connector and wire pigtail has been included in the kit for your convenience.
  5. The green wire is totally optional and can be used to trigger a second device from the second auxiliary switch. Lighting triggered by the audio system would be a common choice.
  6. Note that all items connected to the auxiliary switches will be a load on the audio systems remote output. Do not exceed the capacity of your radio/DSP remote output circuit. Use a relay if more amperage is required.