For a limited time you can get a free flash tool loaner with select products. See the video for details. User License Not Included.



When flashing your radio you can

  • Enable or disable the rear audio channels. This is an important setting since all bikes that originally only came with two speakers have the rear channels disabled, so there is no fader ability. Also bikes that came with factory amplifiers have no fader ability once the factory amplifiers are removed from the system. So those bikes also need to be flashed to a configuration that enables the rear channels. 
  • Enable or disable the factory amplifier status. There is a secondary menu that allows you to tell the radio that a factory amplifier is or is not present for front channels and for rear channels. If you enable the amplifier option the audio signal on those channels will drop to a voltage level of just under 2 volts. This is a good thing for most aftermarket sound processors and amplifiers. It keeps the signal from being too high and clipping the inputs of the following device in the audio chain. For those of you who plan to use the factory radio's onboard power to directly drive your speakers in lieu of an aftermarket amplifier, it is important that you set your channels to disable factory amplifier status. This will boost the audio output from the radio to around 10 volts, which is what you need to directly drive a speaker.
  • Select a configuration profile that sets the radios frequency response, rear speaker output behavior, and factory amplifier status all in one shot.
  • Enable Apple CarPlay without the need for any special hardware or adapters (GTS Radio Only)


Find the amplifier or speaker combo for your bike and select “YES, I Need a Flash Tool” from the dropdown box.

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If the equipment you settle on does not have the flash tool option, give us a call. We may be able to add it for you. Qualifying for a free loaner tool will depend on what you are purchasing and tool availability. 1(888)311-0016

User License Not Included. User license is purchased directly from TechnoResearch here.

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