DSR1 Simplified!

There are tons of powerful features to be taken advantage of with the DSR1 but this article skips the things you don't need to know to get started with your new DSR1 and takes you through the simple steps that will get you up and running fast. 

Setup at a glance 

  1. Know how you want your system to be configured before you start.
  2. Wire the damn thing! Make the connections to your bike and amp(s)
  3. Configure the basic setup
  4. Set your crossover points
  5. Set your amplifier gains
  6. Get to listening to music!

In order to keep this article a basic read, we have placed several links throughout the article that lead to other short articles with more info on that particular topic. It is a good idea to learn as much as possible about your DSR1 but you can skip the details that do not interest or pertain to you.  

Step 1.

A few things that you should figure out. 

  • Know how you want your system to be configured before you start. What amps? What speakers? Where are they located on the bike? Click here for more information about making amplifier channel decisions.
  • Your DSR1 can have its firmware updated by connecting to a PC using the supplied USB cable, but you might not even need to worry about doing this. Click here for more information about updating the firmware. 
  • As a general rule it is good practice to turn off all crossovers on your amplifiers. This is done much more effectively using the crossovers built into your DSR1 instead. Click here to read all about crossover settings.
  • Decide before you start if you will be feeding your DSR1 two or four channels of input. Click here for more info about making that decision and what your options are.  

    Step 2.

    Wire the damn thing!

    The first thing that you need to do is decide where on the bike the DSR1 should be located. Click here for a list of recommended locations for specific bike models and years. 

    The basics of wiring a DSR1

    • Connect the positive and negative battery power (yellow & black on the DSR1) directly to the power terminals of an amplifier. Click here if you need to know why. 
    • There are two blue wires in the DSR1 input harness. The solid blue wire should go to the bikes accessory circuit (click here for info on where that is), and the blue with white stripe should go to the remote terminal of your amplifier(s). This is usually a smaller terminal located near or between the battery connections on your amplifier. Sometimes labeled REM. Click here for more information about making these connections.