DSR1 Harley Android Bluetooth Connectivity

The DSR1 has proven itself to be rock solid and easy to connect to Bluetooth. We have thousands of customers with Android phones and tablets that have zero issues with Bluetooth connectivity. However some Android phones and tablets do seem to have Bluetooth connectivity issues. This is an issue with the phone/tablet hardware and not the Android OS, not the Perfect Tune app, and not the DSR1. Apple devices do not have these problems with the DSR1. Most Androids do not have issues either, but some just do. 

Rockford Fosgate Does Officially Support Android Devices.

At American Hard Bag we are always just a phone call away. However if you are having issues with connecting an Android device and need help, we recommend that you first try giving Rockford Fosgate Tech Support a call 1-800-669-9899. They have a very competent tech team that is better equipped to help with Android devices specifically. 

Contact American Hard Bag for All Harley Related Questions. 

We are the absolute best place to get assistance with any tuning, tech issue, or question that is related to Harley setup. Even Rockford Fosgate directs those types of calls to us. We invented the interface hardware for DSR1s to Harley Davidson factory radios, and no other place on the planet has sold or installed as many of these devices as we have.  

Ultimately we advise that if you do have Android issues and have access to an iPhone or iPad that you use it to do your setup. Most people have a spouse or child that is rocking one or more of these devices anyway. It’s not that we have anything against Android, but that is the world we currently live in. 

Rockford Fosgate Tech Support 1(800) 669-9899