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Music by Baron Sumter

"Loudness is not all"

Undoubtedly a good sound system adds to the riding experience. However, 'creating' the perfect sound (that is not offensive to the ears) is a mix of science and art - and, to musician and rider Baron Sumter, it requires more nuances than just 'loudness' . Watch the video to hear his story and experience upgrading his 2019 Harley Davidson Road Glide Special audio system.

Content of this video:

0:18 - why upgrade your audio system?

0:45 - what Baron chose

2:00 - what makes a perfect sound system?

4:35 - first impressions: 'never heard anything like it'

6:32 - was it worth it?

7:49 - How was your experience with American Hard Bag?

Baron Sumter Upgrades

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