Custom Saddlebag Amplifier Wiring Harness

Order a Customized Harness Tailor Made for Your System

Our standard harnesses are a perfect fit for 9 out of ten audio systems put into hard bags, but sometimes a custom harness is needed. It's not uncommon for us to get orders for amplifier harnesses that are one off custom setups. Pretty much happens every day. Some times the harnesses only vary slightly, other times harnesses are very large scale variations. 

Common Options:

  • Up to 4 gauge power (capable of up to 120 amps of current per bag)
  • Up to 12 channels of speaker output 
  • Up to 8 channels of RCA signal input/output
  • USB input cable in the bag with quick disconnect on the bike
  • 30 pin or Lightning iPod/Phone cable in the bag with USB quick disconnect on the bike
  • Male 3.5mm (head phone plug) in the bag 
  • Power distribution for both positive and ground inside the bag
  • Low current fused power & ground for accessories like crossovers, EQs, or line drivers

How to Order

We only sell custom harnesses by phone due to the complex nature of the harnesses. We make these all the time and are quite good at designing them. Give us a call and tell us what you need. We will then most likely have a few questions for you and can give you a price and lead time on the spot.


Prices vary from $149 to quite a bit more than $149, but it's always free to call. 

1(888) 311-0016

For more detailed installation check out our installation article here.