Your kit will contain four components.

  1. The Injection Molded Plastic Pod
  2. The A/V Charge Cable
  3. A template used for cutting the plastic center panel on your bike.

Prepping and painting the pod (iPod Holder).

When you receive the pod it will be coated in primer and ready for paint. The primer will have an eggshell texture to it. You can sand it with 300-1,000 grit sandpaper if you want a smoother finish. Or even better yet, sand it with a 3M sponge sander #02602 (Super Fine). You can purchase a single sheet at any reputable auto paint supply for under $2 bucks. The sponge sander will make quick work of the job and leave a flawless finish.

We recommend using SEM's brand color coat.

The pods on our website were painted using SEM's #15243 satin black paint. This is a very durable professional grade paint that will not fade in the sun and is very resistant to solvents and cleaners. Alternatively, you can have any automotive paint shop shoot your pod with any color that matches your bike.

The iPod holder mounts to the top of the Spyders plastic center panel. The panel needs to be cut so that the bottom of the iPod mount and cable can protrude through the panel.

Mounting the Pod

Step 1

Remove the left and right side middle panels just below the center panel.


Step 2

Mask off the entire surface of the center panel where the mount will reside.

Step 3

Measure 3.375" (3 - 3/8") down from the top center of the center panel and mark with a pen. This line represents the upper most point that will be cut out of the center panel.


step 4

Place the cardboard template that came with your kit on the center panel with the point of the template facing the rear of the bike. Trace the shape of the template onto the taped surface of the center panel.
Note: The template is flat but the center panel of the bike is not. Start by tracing the top and then rock the template to the left and right sides to trace the sides.

Step 5 

Remove the panel from the bike. Use a jigsaw to cut out the marked area.

Step 6

Drill a 1/4" hole at the bottom of the cutout. Use a razor blade to connect the hole you just drilled to the rest of the cutout. The hole is used to route the charge cable from the underside of the panel to the top. This will all be covered by the pod. Now is a good time to route your cable through the cutout in the panel. You will not be able to add the cable once the pod has been attached to the center panel. 


Test fit your pod and cable on the panel. If all fits well, remove the masking tape and move on to the next step.

Step 7

Now it's time to attach the pod to the center panel.

To do this you will want to put the center panel on the bike. Make sure that your cable is in place. The pod has several strips of 3M adhesive pre-installed on it's mating surface. Make sure that the center panel is clean and free of any oils that might degrade the bonding properties of the adhesive tape. Remove the red backing from the adhesive strips. Tip: Use a razor blade to stab and flick the backing off of the tape. If you attempt to do this with your bare fingers, you will be there all day. 


You will only get one shot at positioning the pod. The adhesive tape is very strong and unforgiving. Get it right the first time! Sit on the bike and carefully position the pod on the center panel. Once you are confident that the pod is positioned properly, press down on the pod firmly. 

In the kit you will find a case that fits an iPhone 4. This case will snap into the swivel arm on the pod. Alternatively, you can opt to use the square adhesive backed puck that comes with the kit. This puck can be bonded to any iPhone or iPod device up to the fourth generation. To use the puck, insert it into the mount and push the mount to the collapsed position. Next, carefully center your device (iPod/Phone) over the opening in the pod, and press down onto the puck in the mount. 



If positioning did not go so well there is still hope.

In the event that you stuck the pod down and it was not straight, it's not the end of the world. You can pry up the pod and purchase more 3M adhesive at any auto paint supply and many auto parts stores. Ask for "3M double sided acrylic tape". This tape is commonly used to hold plastic moldings on the sides of cars; so it is widely available. 

If at any point you have a question about this product or just need some advise about installation of your audio system, feel free to contact us.

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