Back Orders

Order Out of Stock Items Now so That You Get Them Before Everyone Else

Back order

The few items we have on back order are the same items that everyone else in the country are out of stock on as well. Order these items now to get in line, because when these items do become available they will go fast and most will already be spoken for. 

How Long Will Items Be out of Stock?

There are no definitive dates. We have orders already in place for all out of stock items. American Hard Bag will be the first to get high demand items back in stock because of the high volume of business we do with our vendors like Rockford Fosgate, Hertz and Diamond Audio. 

We are Prepared and Shipping Most Items

In anticipation of the Covid 19 situation both over seas as well as here in the states. We have stocked up on the best products so that our customers can continue to build on their bikes. However there are a few items that will be on back order for several weeks. 

Are Refunds Available on Back Ordered Items?

Yes. However processing orders isn't free for us so restocking fees may apply. Please be sure that you are willing to wait for items to come back in stock before making your decision.  

Highest Demand out of Stock Items

Rockford Fosgate 6x9 Cut-In Lid Kits

Rockford Fosgate TMS69BL14 6x9 Speaker Kit for '14 & Up Harley Davidson

TMS69BL9813 Rockford Fosgate '98 - '13 6x9 Speaker Kit for Non-Speaker Lids

Rockford Fosgate TMS65 6.5" Speakers

Rockford Fosgate TMS65 Harley 6.5" Full Range Fairing/Tour-Pak Speakers (2014+)

Diamond Audio MO75T Horns and all kits containing the MO75T horns

Diamond Audio Sound Quality Horn Part# MO75T