Use the included stainless screws to install the new speaker grill/horn combination. Be very careful that you select the correct screw holes in the fairing. Only three are used. Take note of which three those are when removing the screws from the factory speaker. Failure to pay attention to where the screws are going can result in a screw poking out the front side of the fairing, ruining the finish on the front side of the fairing.


  1. Apply the supplied circular gasket to the small end of the 5.25” to 6.5” speaker adapter.
  2. Apply the supplied strip gasket to the inside of the fairing around the speaker grill hole.
  3. Place the horn/grill combination over the 5.25” to 6.5” speaker adapter and take note of how the speaker adapter needs to be clocked in the fairing and how the horn needs to be clocked in the grill. We have assembled the horn, grill, and spacer bracket for you at the factory. You will want to check alignment of the logo on the horn trim bezel so that it looks right when on the bike.
  4. The horns have a thin rubber washer between the lock ring and the speaker grill. This rubber gasket keeps the horn from vibrating loose. The trick is to get the locking ring good and tight while keeping the trim ring on the front side properly aligned. When done correctly the horn will stay in place for the life of the bike but will still be able to be taken out for service if needed.
  5. The tweeters have been wired for you so that you can see how they go together. Cut the small zip tie off and remove the wires while you mess with the alignment and tightness of the horns. Then use the supplied zip ties to keep the wires in place on the spacer bracket before final installation.
  6. Use the included butt connectors to connect the crossovers to the tweeter harness. Pay attention to the input and output sides of the crossover. Reverse connection will cause damage to the crossover and void your warranty. The output side goes to the horn. The input side goes to the amplifier.
  7. Be sure that the rear of the horn does not come into contact with the dust cap of the woofer. The slightest amount of contact will cause instant damage to the woofer cone and dust cap. Correct installation will not allow the woofer to come into contact with the horn. Cone damage from installation is not covered under warranty. So check twice. An easy way to check for clearance is to set the woofer on a table, face up. Then place the 5.25” to 6.5” speaker adapter on top of it, then the spacer/grill/horn assembly on top of that. Push up on the woofer cone while holding the woofer basket down. Push the cone upward to simulate its excursion at full volume. Be careful not to damage the cone when doing this. If the back side of the horn does hit the woofer dust cap, then the grill assembly will lift up off of the speaker adapter.