How American Hard Bag Got Started and Where the Company Is Going Now

History of American Hard bag

Like any good business, American Hard Bag was built as a result of necessity. I came from 20 plus years of a custom car audio background. My specialty was exotic vehicles. The normal day to day car audio installation never held my interest. For a long time motor yachts where my specialty and eventually I settled into Porsche and other exotic european cars as a specialty. Eventually I landed a great job working for a car audio shop named "Car Audio Innovations" in Roseville CA that specialized in Porsche audio. 

Where It All Started.

 Car Audio Innovations

When I first arrived at Car Audio Innovations they had already been in the the business of building and selling "ready to go audio kits" for Porsche 911's that where essentially mail order packages. They had been doing it for years and where well known in that industry as the place to buy if you wanted the good stuff. I quickly recognised that they lacked a few key components though that would make the mail order part of the business really pick up some momentum of its own.   

Baby Steps That Led to the American Hard Bag Venture

The first big change that I made at Car Audio Innovations would ultimately determine the direction and motto of American Hard Bag. I saw that the crew Car Audio Innovations where constantly reinventing the wheel with their products. There was very little standardization. A part that was ordered today would be built by a different person than the same part ordered a month ago. Then the part would be built totally different. A very talented team of installers ran that shop for years but processes, materials, and the work environment 

When I decided to open American Hard Bag 4 years ago I went into business with the idea in mind that I could offer a lot of installation products that would make Harley audio bigger, better, and simpler for both the "average Joe", as well as the professional.  Our parts and kits have definitely made a big dent in the marketplace. When we started out, the industry standard installation of a big system consisted of saddlebags that had no disconnects from the bike! Or even worst, guys where using all sorts of hokey and sometimes down right dangerous connectors between their saddlebag amplifiers and the rest of the bike.Today our wire harnesses, amp racks, woofer mounts for saddlebags, and various speaker adapters are some of the most popular parts in the entire Harley Bagger Audio industry.