2022 California Harley Davidson Sound Competition

TraCy, CA

#4 - July Competition - 7/13/22
held at Custom Sounds, in Tracy CA on July 16th, 2022.
Winners are as follows. (6x9 Class) Brandon Dossantos (Featherweight) Anthony Limbrick (Lightweight), Sydney Meek, (Welterweight), Chon Camacho, (Middleweight), Terry Grant. (Best in show), Sydney Meek.



#1 - March Competition - 3/19/22
It was held at Sierra Steel Harley-Davidson in Chico on March 19th, 2022.
Winners are as follows: Lightweight, Nick Henry; Welterweight RJ Arcinas; Middleweight, Tommy Scott; Heavyweight, Edward Cadle


rocklin, CA

#2 - April Competition - 4/30/22

It was held at Rocklin Harley Davidson in Rocklin on April 30th, 2022.

Winners are as follows. (Lightweight) Sydney Meek, (Welterweight) Rusty Flowers, (Middleweight) Scott Lint, (Heavy Weight) Edward Cadle, (Best in show), Sydney Meek



Join our great community and compete at the 2022 West Coast Sound Competition, in Northern California. This event is hosted by BIG CORY INSURANCE, and is for every motorcycle build level. Beginner to Extreme. Let's just have some fun. It is free to enter so what do you have to lose??
$100 Visa gift card for the winner in each class. There are other door prizes that will be announced. Each entrant will get a ticket for a chance to win an amp rack, speakers and other prizes.
Any problems, questions, or concerns should be directed to Cory Ellerbee (707) 690-8321


Contestants will each have one 90 second round to show what you got. Judges, at their discretion, may decide that they want to hear some bikes again to determine the top 2 of each class. The top 2 scoring bikes from each class will be in the finals and have (ONE) 60 second round against each other to determine the winner of the class.


Classes are as follows:

  1. Lightweight, 6 speakers or less
  2. Welterweight, 8 speakers or less
  3. Middleweight, 10 speakers or less
  4. Heavyweight, 10+ speakers


Future events


#5 - August Competition - 8/13/22

Held at San Jose Harley-Davidson on August 13th, 2022


#6 - September Competition - 9/11/22

Held at Reno Harley-Davidson on September 11th, 2022