Center Mount 10" Harley woofer Installation

This article applies to both American Hard Bag subwoofer mounts as well as our pro audio 10" woofer mounts (Aggressor Pro 100). Both of these products are essentially the same. The pro audio woofer mounts are a bit slimmer and have a different woofer bolt pattern. The templates, grills, and all hardware are all the same.  

Aggressor Pro 100

Remove the bag from the bike and remove lid and all hardware.

Tape back of the Harley bag Tape outside of the bag

Tape up the bag with a quality delicate surface specialty tape (3M Edgelock works best) to protect the painted surfaces of your bags.  

Step 1

Positioning the Mount in the Bag

Lay the bag down on a flat surface with the hinge side facing up. Tip: Tape the inside of the bag with a bright colored masking tape. 3M makes a nice yellow tape that can be found at any auto body paint store.

Tape the inside of the bag

Step 2

Vertical Alignment

When determining the vertical alignment of the woofer mount in the bag it is critical that you take into account clearance for the woofer at the bottom of the bag, as well as the mount. To do this, temporarily bolt the woofer to the mount and place the entire assembly in the bag. Note how far down the assembly will go in the bag before either the woofer frame touches the half round extrusion at the bottom of the bag (see pic below) or the woofer mount touches the bottom of the bag. It is a good idea to allow a couple off millimeters of space between the woofer frame If the woofer frame touches the bag. Some woofers do not come into contact with the bag at all. If your woofer comes into contact with the bag, place a small amount of the gasket that is supplied in your kit onto the frame of the speaker where it will touch the extrusion at the bottom of the bag. The assembly will be spaced just a little off of the extrusion. Also note that the bottom corner of the bag has a radius between the vertical wall and the bag bottom. You do not want the woofer mount bottom to be on this radius as it will not allow the mount to sit flat.

Bag Bottom


Horizontal Alignment  

The woofer grill hole should be centered on the shock hump in the bag. Look closely at all four corners and edges of the grill hole. 

Woofer Kit Alignment for Harley

Twin 8" woofer kit shown above is very similar to the 10" kit.  

Mark the woofer mount's position with a pen or marker. 

Check for lid clearance.

Remove the mount and position the woofer on the mount. Take care to properly center the woofer on the mount. Fasten the woofer to the mount with just two screws. Now put the mount and woofer combination back into the bag and realign in the bag to the points that you marked earlier. With both the woofer and the mount in the bag, carefully check that the lid, hardware, and that any accessories (like lid speakers) will all clear the woofer and the mount once assembled.  Always do this before committing to drilling any holes.


Drilling the mounting holes

Remove the woofer and insert a 1/8" drill bit down through each of the mounting points. Spin the drill bit by hand to mark each hole. Once all holes are marked, remove the mount and drill each hole with an angle drill, a 3/16" drill bit, and a power drill.

Mark Mounting Holes

Mount shown in picture above may be different that yours.

Drill holes


Mounting the square templates

Your subwoofer kit comes with two identical square grill templates. One template will be temporarily mounted to the outside of the bag and the other will be temporarily mounted to the inside of the bag. Flip the bag over so that the side of the bag that normally faces the wheel is now facing up. Position the square grill template over the bag and align the three mounting holes. The holes will only line up one way. Towards the front of the bag there is a single hole and towards the rear of the bag there are two holes. Use the supplied 3" machine screws, and to clamp both of the templates to the bag (one inside and one outside).

The template that is mounted to the outside of the bag is there to give you a visual reference and a flat surface to work with while rough cutting the grill hole out with a jig saw or an air saw. Be sure that the blade is long enough that it can reach through both the template and the bag. The inside square template is there to give your router bits bearing a surface to ride on while routing the grill hole.

Cutting the grill hole

Now use a large drill to make a pilot hole for your jigsaw blade. Keep the hole away from the edge by about 1/4". Use a jig saw with a blade that is suitable in length to cut out the grill hole. Leave about 3/16" of material all the way around the outside edge.

Routing a perfect grill hole

Use the supplied flush trim router bit with a hand held router to finish out the hole. Warning!: be sure that the bit height is properly set so that the bearing of the bit meets with the inside square template. Carefully check that the bearing will make proper contact with the template at all points around the opening. The shock channel is deeper towards the bottom of the bag. So Check this twice!

Once everything is set, it's a good idea to clamp the bag to your work bench or have a second person assist you by holding the bag. Wear safety glasses! route the hole out. 

On fiberglass bags the edge of the hole can be painted black for a nicer look.


Putting the grill in place

Now all the hard work is done. 

Remove the square template Remove the woofer mount

Use the supplied double sided acrylic mounting tape to adhere the grill in place. Take time to center the grill and position the tape so that the tape is not visible through the hole. Tip: The supplied mounting tape is seriously strong stuff. properly clean the area of the bag that will make contact with the tape. make sure you position the grill right the first time; you might not easily get it back off!

Gasket the woofer mount

Use the supplied thick foam gasket around the grill opening on the bag. Use the supplied foam gasket to pad the woofer mount along all surfaces that will come in contact with the bag.

Mounting your woofer

The woofer mount has threaded steel mounting points and matching stainless steel fasteners. If your particular woofer has a different bolt pattern (not all woofers are the same), then simply clock the woofer slightly in one direction and then pre drill with a 1/8" drill bit and use sheet metal screws to secure the woofer in place. 

Make sure that the woofers surround and cone do not make contact with the mount. To do this, press down on the cone and feel along the inside of the speakers rubber surround. Make sure that the cone of the speaker can not reach the bottom of the mount at full excursion. 

Warning! Do not use screws that are too long to mount the woofer. The proper screw size for the threaded mounting points is #8-32. The recommended sheet metal screw diameter for woofers that do not match the aluminum threaded mounting points is #8. 

#8-32 screws that are appropriate for most woofers are included in your kit.   

Mount the Mount

Place the mount back into the bag and thread in all fasteners. Note that there are different size fasteners for various parts of the mount. The stainless washers with rubber grommets on them are for the outside of the bag to protect the painted finish. On the forward most fastener there are two large stainless washers, two large rubber washers and an aluminum spacer. One of each of these stainless washers and rubber washers will go on either side of the bag at that location. The aluminum spacer bridges the gap between the woofer mount and the bag.

Front Mounting Point

The picture above shows how the hardware should be arranged at the forward most mounting point. Looking down into the bag at the mounting point that is located at the front of the bag. This fastener uses an aluminum spacer and a series of washers.

  1. Subwoofer mount
  2. Steel threaded insert (pressed into the mount at the factory)
  3. Stainless steel washer
  4. Large stainless steel washers (one inside the bag and one outside the bag)
  5. Large rubber washers (one inside the bag and one outside the bag)
  6. 2" stainless steel screw
  7. Saddlebag inner wall
  8. 3/4" aluminum (non-threaded) spacer 


The four fasteners points shown below do not run through the bag. These fasteners will be installed for you during assembly at the factory. There will be a total of 7 fasteners that go all the way through the bag to clamp the woofer mount in place.  

Caution: When threading machine screws into the threaded fasteners on the woofer mount, take care not to cross thread or allow the fasteners to fall. Patience is required; do it by hand. The fasteners must be aligned properly and not threaded together at an angle. The threaded rivets in the woofer mount can be a bit tricky. If it feels like the screw is binding; it is. Back it out and try again. The bag will flex slightly (conform to the flat shape of the woofer mount). This is normal and desirable. The rear most portion of the mount will reinforce the bag in the process, making it more rigid and a better speaker enclosure.

That's it

You are done. Set your amps and crank it!

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