This tech update is focused on the forward most mounting point of the 2014 & up 10" subwoofer mounts. Some of these mounts originally shipped with a threaded aluminum spacer. The new hardware upgrade kit replaces this threaded spacer with a non threaded spacer. Using the non threaded spacer makes installation simpler because the bolt can not get bound up between the threaded insert in the subwoofer mount and the threaded spacer. 

The picture above shows how the hardware should be arranged. Looking down into the bag (right hand side bag illustrated) The mounting point that is located at the front of the bag. This fastener uses an aluminum spacer and a series of washers.

  1. Subwoofer mount
  2. Steel threaded insert (pressed into the mount at the factory)
  3. Stainless steel washer
  4. Large stainless steel washers (one inside the bag and one outside the bag)
  5. Large rubber washers (one inside the bag and one outside the bag)
  6. 2" stainless steel screw
  7. Saddlebag inner wall
  8. 3/4" aluminum (non-threaded) spacer