The 14RGPFK speaker grills come with the horns already installed. If you find that the horn needs to be rotated slightly so that the Diamond Audio logo is square with the rest of the bike, simply loosen (but do not remove) the four Phillips screws and adjust the alignment of the horn. Then retighten.

Step 1
Solder speaker wire leads to the terminals long enough that they can extend to the MO75T crossovers. Pay close attention to the input and output labels on the crossovers. Input goes to the amplifier. Output goes to the horn. They do not work backwards! And connecting the crossovers backwards can void the warranty. 

Warning! Do not overheat the speaker terminals. Tin each terminal first. Then tin each speaker wire. Then solder the two together. Overheating the speaker terminals on the horn can cause internal damage and will void the warranty.

Pay close attention to the polarity of the horn terminals. The positive terminal is marked with a red dot. Route the horn speaker wires in such a way that they do not interfere with the movement of the mid woofer. It is recommended that you use a quick disconnect terminal between the horn and the crossover so that the grill/horn assembly can be removed for service without having to cut wires.

Step 2

Remove the rubber gasket and two plastic retaining clips from your factory grills and relocate them onto the new grills.

Note: be very careful when removing the plastic clips from the factory grills. Pry both bottom edges of each clip outward to release the clip without breaking it. In the event you do accidentally break a clip, these clips are very common in automotive interiors and can be found at most any automotive parts store in the clips and fasteners section.