1. When installing the mid woofers be sure to remove the small plastic speaker locating pin on each factory Harley speaker pod so that the woofers sit flat on the pod mounting surface.
  2. When connecting the woofers to the factory wiring inside the speaker pods be sure to pay attention to speaker wire polarity. The factory Harley connectors are two different sizes. Both of which will fit either terminal on the Diamond woofers. The small female connector is the positive and the large size connector is negative. Which is the reverse arrangement of every other speaker application in the world. So pay attention and don’t mess it up!
  3. Use included speaker gasket between speaker pod and the woofers.
  4. When remounting the speaker pods to the fairing structure, be sure that the tweeter speaker wires do not obstruct the speaker cone movement. They should be zip tied so that they will stay clear of the speaker cone. Damage to the woofers due to contact with the horns, terminals, or speaker wire is not covered under warranty. Warranty covers defects in materials and manufacturing, not poor installation.
  5. Check twice for clearance between the woofer and the terminals of the horns. This kit gives plenty of clearance but the tolerances are very tight. In the event that your particular bike does not have ample clearance, you can call our office and request a set of horn spacers that fit between the speaker grill and the horns. These spacers add an extra 1⁄4” between the horns and the woofers. These spacers are not normally needed and are only for special circumstances.
  6. The included 12db crossovers must be installed between the amplifier and the horns as shown in the included manual. Be sure to connect the input side of the crossover to the amplifier and the output side to the horns. Incorrect crossover connection will damage the horn and the crossover as well as void the warranty. Notice that the crossovers included with this kit are not the simple capacitors that most other horns come with. Using just caps in place of the horns is a big damage causing mistake that will void your warranty. So please use the proper included 12db crossovers as intended.

Speaker to Amplifier Connections

The woofers should be connected to the factory speaker wiring inside the speaker pods. On the outside of each of the speaker pods there is a black 2 pin connector. The American Hard bag factory radio signal interface kit (Part# 14FPNP) comes with a mating connector for this plug. That mating connector has a long speaker wire pigtail that should be connected to your aftermarket amplifier. The horn tweeter crossovers should be connected directly to your
aftermarket amplifier, and should not be connected to the woofers in the enclosure. Make that connection directly at the amplifier instead.

If you did not purchase the 14FPNP from us, give us a call. We can get you setup with either just the speaker pod connector with pigtail if you are using an aftermarket radio, or if you are using a factory radio we can get you setup with the 14FPNP that you should be using anyway.

American Hard Bag Order Line: 1(888) 311-0016