Please Note: This kit will not work with CVO electronic lid lock mechanisms. The locks must be removed to make this kit work.

Tools needed

  1. Oscillating Multi Tool, or Die Grinder.
  2. Small Flush cutters
  3. Nutsert Tool (#8-32)
  4. Standard Allen Keys
  5. Phillips screwdriver

Step 1

Tape off the entire painted surface of your speaker lids to protect them while you work. Remove all lid hardware and latching mechanism.

Step 2

Cut the plastic basket off the underside of the lid. You want a flat mounting surface for the adapter to bolt up to. Do not grind off the four mounting points for the factory speaker grill. Be very careful of the painted surface of the lid. It is easy to damage. The best tool that we have found for doing this is an oscillating multitool, like the one shown below. This type of tool makes quick work of the job and is readily available at your local hardware store.

Use small cutters to remove the last of the basket where a grinder will not fit.

Step 3

Enlarge the factory 5x7 speaker mounting holes with a 17/64" drill bit. A 1⁄4” drill bit and a little bit of wobbling also gets the job done. Just be sure that you do not make the hole too big. Insert the supplied aluminum nutserts from the top side of the lid and squeeze each with a proper nutsert tool. Do not over squeeze! These are not pop rivets.

Step 4

Now that the threaded inserts are in place, test fit the adapter. Notice that one of the mounting ears has a flat spot. This is the rear outside mounting point. This is opposite of the latch side of the lid. The speaker adapter will fit over the protruding nutserts and lock into position.

Step 5

Remove the speaker adapter and apply gasket to the side that mates up with the bottom of the lid. Also gasket the side that mates up with the speaker.
Note: most 6x9 speakers have an integrated plastic spacer ring, or include one in the box so that the speaker can be rear mounted and the cone surround will not hit the mounting surface. If your speaker does not have a spacer ring, spacer rings can be purchased.

Step 6

Screw the factory Harley grills in place before bolting the speaker adapter to the lid. Then bolt the adapter in place using the supplied Allen bolts. Actual Allen bolts in your kit are stainless steel, not black as shown in pictures.

Step 7

Screw your speaker in place using the supplied 1" long #8 stainless screws. If your speaker requires screws of a different length, be sure to use #8 stainless screws that are long enough to run through the entire thickness of the adapter for maximum strength.

You're done!