American Hard Bag Speaker Lid Horn Bracket

Mock the Brackets Up

Center the bracket over the speaker and check that the speaker grill will clear the front of the bracket before committing to drilling mounting holes. Mounting holes should be predrilled using a 1/8” drill bit. Drill through both the lid as well as the 5x7 to 6x9 woofer adapter. While doing your mockup you should also check that the horn will clear the 6x9 under it when the 6x9 is at full excursion. Do this by bolting everything together and then push up on the back side of the cone. Take care to push evenly on the woofer cone so that is moves straight up. If you push on just one side of the cone you risk scraping the voice coil against the magnet pole inside the speaker. 

Left & Right

Notice that the brackets are different from left to right. Use the supplied #8 stainless screws to mount the bracket down to the lid. 

Mounting the Horns

When mounting your horns you should use the rubber rings that come with the horns so that the horns don't loosen up over time. Most horns come with rubber locking rings. If your horns do not come with rubber rings you can use a tiny (ultra tiny)amount of silicone on the horn threads. We do not recommend ever using thread locker on horns because you will never be able to get them out for service in the future. 

Running the Speaker Wire

The horn speaker wire should be run between the under side of the lid and the top of the 6x9 adapter. Be sure to use plenty of the supplied neoprene gasket  both on the lid as well as on the 6x9 adapter where the wire passes through so that the wire run is air/water tight and the wire is not crushed. 

Horn Quick Disconnect

If you purchased one of our speaker packages with your brackets you should your kit likely came with a 2 pin quick disconnect for the horn. Hertz ST25 Neo speakers have a quick disconnect integrated into their crossovers and do not need a separate disconnect. We encourage you to install a disconnect between the horn and the woofer. This way both the woofer and the horn can be removed for service without being tethered to the lid by the connections. 


Horn Crossovers American Hard Bag

All horns require an external crossover to be installed between the horn and the amplifier. If you are connecting your horns to the 6x9 woofer as your amplifier connection (parallel connection) as opposed to a direct connection to a dedicated amplifier channel that is not shared with any other speakers (6x9s), you should mount your  horn crossover under the lid tether or to directly to the 6x9 woofer. Crossovers can be mounted in a number of ways including Velcro or zip ties. Be sure that the crossover is mounted in a way that will endure vibration and route the wires in a way that does not put stress on the connections.