American Hard Bag Harley 5x7 to 6x9 Speaker Adapter Kit

Level the Mounting Surface

Begin by removing all of the lid hardware and masking off the entire painted surface to avoid damaging the paint. There are a couple of tabs on the under side of the speaker hole that need to be ground off. You want to create a flat surface for the speaker adapter to seat on. Not much material needs to be taken off here. Also grind down the two posts behind the speaker opening. The post that is opposite of the hinge side of the lid is one of the mounting points for the lid tether. You will need to anchor this side of the tether bar to one of the speaker screws once the adapter and speaker are in place. The factory tether anchor point closest to the speaker will be covered by the speaker adapter. 

Tab to grind off


Tether post to grind off

Do not grind off the two grill mount locations at the front of the lid. Your speaker adapters have notches designed into them that accommodate these two high points.  

Bolt It All Together

Your kit will have a generous amount of quality foam speaker gasket. Use the gasket between the lid and the adapter, as well as between the speaker and the adapter. It is critical to performance of the speaker system that the speaker have an air tight seal against the bag lid. 

Speaker adapter

Your kit will come with #8-32 stainless screws, nuts, washers, and lock washers that are used to bolt the adapter to the lid. The screws should be inserted from bottom up. The two front screw holes are recessed into a machined hole so that they do not interfere with the 6x9. On the top side, first use the #8 stainless steel washer, then the lock washer, and then the nut. Next install the lid speaker grill. Use the factory #8 3/4" long screws for the front of the speaker grill and use the supplied #8 1" long screws for the rear of the speaker grill.  

Mount the 6x9 speaker onto the speaker adapter using the supplied speaker gasket. 

Modify the Lid Tether Bar

The last step is to modify the lid tether bar. The bar will need to be shortened slightly and a new hole will need to be drilled into it that will lignup with the closest speaker mounting screw. 

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