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WH-SBB2 & WH-SBB4 Rear Speaker Wire Harness Installation Instructions

This video applies to many different versions of our rear speaker wire harnesses and focuses just on the split backbone section of the harness. The split backbone is the section of the harness that runs the length of the bike.


The split backbone section of the harness shown in the video above runs from the fairing mounted amplifier back to each side panel of the bike where it connects to left and right side saddlebag speaker input sections. The speaker input sections of this harness are 6 feet long each. 6 feet is the perfect length if you install it correctly.

The wire harness should enter the bag at the front inside corner. Once inside the bag the cable should be routed down to the bottom inside edge and then back to the very rear of the bag. The harness should then run from the inside wall to the outside wall and then up and forward to the lid hinge area. This will leave you the perfect length at the lid to make your connections to the speaker. Use the included crimp on speaker terminals to make connections to your speakers. We have included both common sizes in the kit.


White = Left Positive

Green = Left Negative

Red = Right Positive

Black = Right Negative

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WH-SBB2 & WH-SBB4 Rear Speaker Wire Harness Installation Instructions

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