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Velocity 8 VWH-4CHSBB Rear Speaker Harness Installation Guide

Use this harness to make active 4 channel saddlebag speakers fully plug and play with the Velocity 8 and an additional external amplifier to power the lid midrange speakers.


  1. Remove the seat, bags, side covers, gas tank, and outer fairing.

  2. Install the harness that runs the length of the bike

  3. Install the speaker input leads in each saddlebag

  4. Install the lid speakers and the speaker disconnects for both tweeters as well as woofers in each lid

  5. Install the amplifier service disconnect at the front of the bike

^^Click for Full Size Image^^ Diagram #1


It is very important to heat the cables after removing them from the packaging. Our multi conductor cables all have a specialized outer jacket that is hard at room temperature and very pliable at elevated temperatures (about 160 degrees). Place the cables in a cardboard box and heat with a standard heat gun. Once the cables warm up, lay them out on a flat surface so that they are perfectly straight. In a few minutes they will cool and become rigid once again. Straight cables are much easier to install in the bike. If you find the need to shape the cables so that they lay in the saddlebags nicely you can always reheat just one section and shape as needed. Do not overheat the cables. Not much heat is needed. Do not use heat on any parts of cables that are wrapped in braided loom. Braided loom has a very low melting point and does not need to be heated anyway. 


^^Cick for Larger Image^^ Diagram #2

Part number 6 in diagram #2 above is the amplifier service disconnect for the rear mids. Connect this harness to your amplifier's speaker outputs.

  • Red = Right Rear Midrange Positive

  • Black = Right Rear Midrange Negative

  • White = Left Rear Midrange Positive

  • Green = Left Rear Midrange Negative

Part number 5 in diagram #2 above is the rear tweeter amplifier service disconnect. This disconnect is comprised of two white 2 pin connectors and is directly plug and play with the amplified rear tweeter outputs of the Velocity 8 DSP.

  • Red = Right Rear Tweeter Positive

  • Black = Right Rear Tweeter Negative

Plug the speaker harness connector with Red and Black wires into the connector on the DSP with Violet and Violet/Black wires.

  • White = Left Rear Tweeter Positive

  • Green = Left Rear Tweeter Negative

Plug the speaker harness connector with White and Green wire into the connector on the DSP with Green and Green/Black wires.

Part number 9 in diagram #2 above is the part of the harness that runs down the backbone of the bike towards the rear. This harness consists of two 4 conductor cables and should be run inside the factory wire channel under the bike's gas tank. At the rear of the wire channel under the seat and in front of the battery, the harness splits off into left and right sides for the saddlebag connections. Mount the 4 pin connectors under each side cover of the bike. Orange rings of tape are used on our harnesses to indicate the left (clutch) side of the harness. On this particular harness the green and white colored wires are used for left side speakers and the red and black colored wires are used for the right side speakers. The 4 pin connector should be placed in an area under the side cover where it can be zip tied to another existing factory wire harness and that will be easily accessible for future service. Do not leave excessive slack in this harness under the side cover. Any extra length of cable should be pulled to the front of the bike in the fairing area. Do not reinstall the gas tank until after the entire installation is complete. You will want to readjust the position of this cable from front to back later in your installation so that the saddlebag service disconnects end up in the perfect location before reinstalling the gas tank.

Part number 12 in diagram #2 above is the speaker input harness for the saddlebag. These harnesses run from the side cover outside of the bag to the lid hinge area inside of the bag. There are two of these harnesses that are identical (one for the left side and one for the right side). The left side harness is marked with a ring of orange tape. These harnesses are 6 feet long. 6 feet may seem to be too long but is actually the perfect length. This cable should enter the wheel side front corner of the bag and be routed towards the rear of the bag. At the rear of the bag the harness should be routed to the hinge side of the bag and then up and towards the lid hinge. The harness can be tied to the bag just behind the hinge by drilling two ⅛ inch holes in the plastic lip in the bag as shown in the image above.

It is important to understand that the speaker wire inside the saddlebag is to be routed around the outside walls of the bag starting from the front inside wall. Route the harness towards the back of the bag, then cross over to the outside wall and then up to the lid hinge.

The wire harness passthrough can be sealed either with foam gaskets or with a dab of silicone. 

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VWH-4CHSBB Velocity 8 Saddlebag Harness

Active Speaker Harness Installation Guide

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