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RGB LED Installation Instructions

Your new LED kit is RGB capable. This means that you can wire the LED differently to obtain different colors.

Connect the black wire to a switched positive power source. Make sure that this power source is fused. A common place to obtain this is from the remote amplifier trigger circuit (usually blue with white stripe).

Connect the color of your choice or any combination of colors to chassis ground. This gives you a range of color options. Leave unused colors unconnected. Alternatively you can opt to connect your RGB LED to an RGB controller. RGB controllers are readily available and have a standardized connection system.If you have multiple amplifiers it may be a good idea to run all of your amplifier remote turn on circuits through a relay first and then out to the amplifiers and LEDs. A relay is not always required for reliable operation but is always a good idea if you do have multiple amplifiers. Below is a diagram showing how a relay should be connected. If you need to obtain a relay American Hard Bag sells them or you can get them at any auto parts store. The type you will be looking for is referred to as a Bosch type (not necessarily Bosch brand) 30/40 amp relay. These can often be purchased with a socket with pigtails on it. This is advised because it makes installation easier and cleaner. The relay should be located in the front of the bike under the fairing if possible. On most bikes you can tag power and ground at the radio harness or at the cigarette lighter harness.

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RGB LED Installation Instructions

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