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DSR1 Setup Wizard Tutorial


The DSR1 has a very simple to use setup wizard that allows you to configure all input and output settings quickly. This includes how many channels of input, if those inputs are speaker level or RCA, and how many channels of output you will be using. For example; you can have just two channels of input from your radio and have up to 8 channels of output to your amplifiers.


  1. At American Hard Bag we have already set the input/output for 99% of all bikes so that you do not need to go through the setup wizard yourself.

  2. Don’t enter the setup wizard unless you need to. Just taking a look around will erase all settings we have made for you.

  3. It’s not the end of the world if you do inadvertently mess up the settings in the setup wizard. This guide will show you how to quickly set things right again.  

  4. The setup wizard does not change EQ or crossover settings.

  5. The setup wizard does not have anything to do with the firmware update. We have also already updated the firmware for you as well. So there is no reason for you to waste time trying to do so yourself.

  6. You do not need to connect your DSR1 to a computer to access the setup wizard. This is all done via Bluetooth. 


The first thing to know about the setup wizard is that you can not enter the setup wizard and look at the settings. Once you enter the setup wizard all of the input/output settings are reset back to defaults. Many people make this basic mistake. You can however take a look at the “Device Setup” screen without actually entering the wizard and look at the settings. Just don’t go into the wizard unless you are ready to remake all of the settings yourself.


  1. From the home screen make sure that the Bluetooth is connected. The Bluetooth icon should be blue and not red.  

  2. Tap the setup icon on the lower left

  3. Tap the setup device icon

On the device setup screen you can view all of the input and output settings.

  • Device mode: Should always display Standalone (Universal Harness)

  • System Gain: Should always show 0.00 dB for factory radios. Settings for aftermarket radios (low level RCA signal) may show higher numbers here. This is because the DSR1 will boost the signal in order to account for the lower signal strength.

  • PLC2 Knob: This should always show "Not Connected"

  • DC Detect: Should always be "Enabled" when using a factory radio. When this is enabled the DSR1 will not require a remote input (12V accessory) to turn it on. It will automatically turn on when it sees signal at the inputs. 

  • Input: Displays how many input channels the DSR1 is set for. 

  • Output: Displays how many output channels are enabled. 


Warning! Be prepared to complete the entire setup wizard before you enter it.

  1. Tap the car & gear icon at the top right.

  2. Always choose “Standalone (Universal Harness). Then tap “Ok,Got It”.

  3. Select “Low Level RCA” or “High Level(Speaker). Only select low level RCA if you are using an aftermarket radio. If you are using a factory radio you will need to select high level speaker input. Even if you are using our plug and play signal harness with RCAs on it. Tap “Ok,Got It”.

  4. Read the screen and make sure that the physical switch on the side of the DSR1 is set correct. Check it twice! Tap “Ok,Got It”.

  5. If using an aftermarket radio only. If using a factory radio skip to step 6. You will need to know and select the correct preamp signal voltage of your aftermarket radio. Tap “Ok,Got It”.

  6. Select if you will be using just the front signal input or if you will be using both front and rear input signal. If you select front + rear input and do not supply the DSR1 with rear signal you will not have any signal output on the rear of the DSR1. This is a very common mistake. Tap “Ok,Got It”.

  7. The following screen will show how to make the input signal connections. Tap “Ok,Got It”.

  8. Select the channel output configuration. Note: there are only two output configurations that we recommend. 1. Front+Rears+Sub. 2. Front (2-Way)+Rears+Sub. All other configurations are for car audio use and do not apply to Harley applications. Choose Front+Rears+Sub if you need 6 channels or less and choose Front (2-Way)+Rears+Sub only if you need all 8 channels of output on the DSR1. Choosing to use all 8 channels of output if you will not be using all 8 channels of output will make the selection menus overly complicated and potentially confusing. So choose wisely. Tap “Ok,Got It”.

  9. Select PLC2 Knob Not Connected. The optional PLC2 knob is not recommended for Harley use. These knobs are not able to survive the vibration in a Harley application. It would be asking for trouble to use one. Tap “Ok,Got It”.

That’s it!

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DSR1 Setup Wizard Tutorial

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