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American Hard Bag Crosslink Harness

The crosslink harness is a three piece harness that connects a saddlebag containing an amplifier to the opposite bag with a speaker that is driven by that amplifier.


  1. The first part of the harness is the short end with a female connector on it (always determine the connector gender by the pin). This part of the harness exits the bag with the amplifier with speaker signal.

  2. The second part of the harness is a 22” long section with male connectors on either end. This harness is used to cross the frame of the bike. It should be run behind the battery (between the rear fender and the battery. The left side of the bike has the fuse box under the side cover. Remove the two Torx fasteners that hold the fuse box assembly to the frame. This will allow you to pull the assembly away from the frame and thread the crosslink harness through the rectangular hole in the rear of the fuse box plate to behind the battery. Then pull the harness through to the area under the opposite side cover. Zip tie the plug end on either side so that it stays where you want the plug connection to reside. Leave yourself enough length between the zip tied harness and the harness plug end so that you can easily grab it to make or release the connection to the saddlebag.

  3. The third part of the harness is the speaker input that leads from the center crosslink on into the second bag with the speaker being driven. This side of the harness is 6 feet long. That is long enough to enter the lower inside front corner of the bag, cross the bottom of the bag, run back to the middle outside wall, and run up under the lid tether. Be sure to leave enough slack in the harness between the lid harness and the speaker so that the lid can open and close freely.

Tip: don’t take the lid tether off to run the speaker wire under it. Simply use a large flat head screwdriver to pry the center of the tether bar up, and then sneak the speaker wire under the tether. Works like a charm! Crosslink harnesses are available in either 2 or 4 wire versions.

Two wire harness colors

Red = Positive

Black = Negative

Four wire harness colors

Red = Positive

Black = Negative

White = Positive (2nd speaker)

Green = Negative (2nd speaker)

Cut to Length

Cut both sides of the harness inside the bags down to the length needed. Be sure to leave yourself a service loop inside the bag on the amplifier side. If using an American Hard Bag woofer mount kit, the slack can be neatly tucked under the woofer mount so that it is out of sight.

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Crosslink Harness

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