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Bond-In-Amplifier Rack Installation

American Hard Bag has come up with the first quality amplifier rack that can be mounted inside a saddlebag without drilling holes in the bag. This means that it is now possible to mount your amplifier rack on any inside wall of the bag; not just the wall facing the wheel. 

The amplifier comes with a 1/2" thick plastic mounting plate. The mounting plate is pre-drilled with 6 holes that match up to 6 holes in the amp rack. This plastic mounting plate is bonded to the bag (not screwed) and then the amp rack is screwed to the mounting plate. 



Temporarily mount your amplifier(s) on the rack and position the rack in the bag with the mounting plate screwed to the rack as a single assembly. There are many different possible positions.


Mount the amplifier(s) on the rack, plug some RCAs and power wire into the amplifier(s) and check for clearance before committing to a location. Also check for lid clearance. 


Once you are satisfied with a location, Prep the area that the mounting plate will be bonded to. Degrease and lightly sand the mounting area. The mounting plate has already been sanded on the bottom side at the factory, and double sided acrylic tape has been applied. The double sided tape will hold the mounting plate in place once you have settled on a mounting position.   


Apply epoxy to the bottom of the mounting plate, remove the film from the 3M adhesive that was put in place at the factory. Now position the mounting plate in the bag and press firmly. The 3M adhesive will hold the mounting plate in place while the epoxy cures. 

TIP 1:

Use a quick set epoxy. You don't want the epoxy to drip all over your bag before it cures. A 5 minute epoxy works best. 

TIP 2:

Don't under estimate the holding power of the supplied 3M adhesive tape. Position once and leave it alone. You will find that it won't come back off easily.


Once the epoxy has thoroughly cured (leave it over night), you can mount all of your gear and wire up your amplifier(s).  

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Bond-In-Amplifier Rack Installation

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