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Aggressor Pro 80 Installation Guide


  • Aggressor Speaker Mount(s)

  • Router Jig (square MDF plate with diamond cutout)

  • Gasket Material

  • Stainless Hardware for Mounting the kit to the Saddle Bag

  • Stainless Hardware for Fastening the Speaker to the Woofer Mount

  • Stamped and Powder Coated Steel Grill

  • Double Sided Grill Mounting Tape

  • Speaker(s) (if purchased with kit)

Aggressor Pro 80 8 Eight Inch Woofer Mount for Harley Davidson


  • Power drill

  • #2 Philips screw driver and or Philips bit for your power drill

  • Right angle drill or an offset adapter (Skew Driver)

  • Jig Saw or air saw & appropriate blade (needs to be long enough)

  • Drill bits

  • Hand router & pattern cut router bit (bearing on the shaft side) 

  • EdgeLock Masking Tape (wide roll)



  • Find a suitable work surface and cover it with a towel or some other kind of soft covering to protect your bags painted finish from becoming marred.

  • Remove all of the hardware from your bag including the lid, lid hardware, and rubber grommets that fit around the quarter turn fasteners.

  • Tape off the entire side of the bag that faces the wheel of the bike as well as the opposing side that faces away from the bike. The tape will form a protective barrier and keep your paint in pristine shape while you work on the bag. Use 3M "EdgeLock" masking tape. You can find this tape at most paint stores. EdgeLock tape is made for delicate surfaces and will not damage your paint. Regular masking tape may work fine for you, but you run the risk of the paint coming off with the tape when removed in the event that the bag was not properly prepped before it was painted. Just get the good stuff and don't risk it! Note: Several of the pictures in this instruction set show a bag with no protective masking tape. This is to make the installation photos appear less cluttered. Always mask your bag off before working on it.



Lay the bag down on a flat surface with the hinge side facing up. Tip: Tape the inside of the bag with a bright colored masking tape. 3M makes a nice yellow tape that can be found at any auto body paint store.

Step 2

Vertical Alignment

When determining the vertical alignment of the woofer mount in the bag it is critical that you take into account clearance for the woofer at the bottom of the bag, as well as the mount. To do this, temporarily bolt the woofer to the mount and place the entire assembly in the bag. Note how far down the assembly will go in the bag before either the woofer frame touches the half round extrusion at the bottom of the bag (see pic below) or the woofer mount touches the bottom of the bag. It is a good idea to allow a couple off millimeters of space between the woofer frame and the bag and the woofer mount and the bottom of the bag. By placing a small amount of the gasket that is supplied in your kit onto the frame of the speaker where it will touch the extrusion at the bottom of the bag, the assembly will be spaced just a little off of the extrusion. Also note that the bottom corner of the bag has a radius between the vertical wall and the bag bottom. You do not want the woofer mount bottom to be on this radius as it will not allow the mount to sit flat.

Note for Diamond Audio HXM Speakers 

Diamond Audio HXM speakers require that you use a spacer in front of the speaker so that it sits flat on the mount. The black speaker plastic ring that comes with the speaker is perfect for this. Make sure that you take this into account when determining the vertical location of the woofer mount. Put this spacer ring on the speaker before bolting the speaker to the mount. Additionally you will need to gasket between the speaker and the ring as well as between the spacer and the woofer mount so that it is airtight. Gasket material is included in your kit. The gasket material will make the speaker/mount assembly thicker. So be sure to gasket the speaker before you put the assembly in the bag to mark its position.

Horizontal Alignment 

When determining horizontal (front to back) placement of the woofer mount you want the half round notch at the top rear of the woofer mount to be centered on the rear bag fastener hole as pictured below.

Prototype mount shown above may be slightly different than your mount.

Poke a hole in the tape where the rear fasten point of the bag is. The half round cutout in the woofer mount should be centered from left to right on this hole. Once you have the woofer mount aligned from top to bottom and from side to side, mark its position with a Sharpie so that you can put it back into position if it gets bumped. Make sure that the mount is square to the bag and not rotated. 


At this point it is a good idea to place the woofers onto the mount and test fit your lids (with speakers in the lids if you have them). Make sure that you don't have any clearance issues with any of your other equipment including lid hardware. Do this before you commit to drilling holes into your bags.

Now that you have the woofer mount positioned correctly you can mark all four through bolt holes (not the speaker mounting holes) with a 1/8" drill bit by hand. This will leave a visible mark in the tape. 

Be sure to keep your drill bit at a 90 degree angle.

Once all four of the mounting holes have been marked, remove the woofer mount and drill the holes out with an angle adapter and a 3/16" hex shaft drill bit. You can find quality angle adapters at your local hardware store for about $20. 



Prototype router jig in pictures above. Note that the mounting holes in the pictures are not the same as your kit. 


Once these four holes have been drilled, flip the bag over and bolt the 3/4" template in place. The template is marked at the top corner. Correct positioning is evident. The four holes will only line up if you have the template positioned correctly. One mounting hole is closer to the grill opening than the other three. This hole is at the top/rear.Drill a starting hole in the bag and cut out the hole for the grill. Leave 1/8"-1/4" of material around the edge. Don't try to cut directly up to the templateNote: Fiberglass bags require a jig saw blade that is hardened steel. A smooth cut Hardwood blade works well for this. A metal cutting blade would be ideal, however, metal cutting blades are generally too short in length for the job. A Bosch T101BF hardwood blade works well.

Use a trim router to remove the rest of the remaining material. This will leave you with a nice clean edge. Use a flush trim router bit with a 1/2"  cutter and a 1/2" bearing that is mounted on the shaft side of the bit. This bearing arrangement is referred to as "top bearing". If you are using a small hand held router it will probably be limited to a 1/4" shaft, so you should purchase a 1/4" shaft bit. Small trim routers are available at Harbor Freight Tools as well as other discount retailers for as little as $30. Alternatively, you could take your bag to a reputable car audio shop and have them route the bag for you. Any decent car audio shop should have the required tooling for this kind of job.



  • Clean and thoroughly de-grease the inside of your bag where the grill will mount.

  • Apply the double sided 3M Adhesive onto the grill. The grill will be mounted from the inside of the bag. Tip: Use a corner of a razor blade to pick the red film off of the double sided tape.

  • Note the orientation of the grill. It only fits one way.

  • Carefully align and press the grill in place. Get it right the first time! You might not be able to get it off once it has made contact. Apply as much pressure as you can with your hands all around the mounting surface of the grill. The adhesive tape will continue to form a bond over the next 24 hours. However, you can continue the rest of the installation immediately.

  •  Apply the supplied foam gasket around the grill opening on the Aggressor plate making sure that it will form a complete seal once the plate is installed in the bag. 

  • Apply foam gasket around the outer edge of the plate where it will make contact with the inside of your bag. This gasket will keep your bag from vibrating against the Aggressor plate and making unwanted noise.



Position the speaker on the Aggressor plate and hand screw all four stainless fasteners in place to attach the woofer. Be careful! Do not over tighten the screws. When done properly the woofer can be securely mounted with plenty of clamping force to hold it in place for years to come. Next remove the woofer that you just mounted from the plate.You can now permanently mount the Aggressor plate in the bag. Re-install all of your bags original hardware and mount the bag on the bike. Tip: To make life easier on  yourself wet the rubber bushings for the quarter turn fasteners with some Windex before re-installing them. Use thread locker (blue) on factory hardware. Run your speaker wire and or amplifier connections from the bag to the bike. If your quarter turn fasteners are not super tight you can add washers to them for a better fit. The less your bags vibrate, the better your speakers will sound. Mount your bag back on the bike. 


Crank it up and enjoy!

Feel free to contact us with any questions that you might have.

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Aggressor Pro 80 Installation Guide

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