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‘14 & Up Ultra Rear Speaker And Signal T Harness

This harness is designed to supply both rear speaker signal as well as rear speaker lines up front in the fairing where they can be used with an aftermarket amplifier. This harness goes in line with the factory tour pack disconnect under the seat at the rear of the bike. Simply disconnect the tour pack and plug the T-harness in line. Then route the 6 ft speaker and signal cables up to the fairing. Take the gas tank off and route the wires through the factory wire channel. The gas tank is only 4 bolts, fuel quick disconnect, and a single electrical connector. It’s a 5 minute job if you take a coffee break. There are load resistors built into this harness that present the factory radio with a resistive load. This substantially reduces distortion from the factory radio by balancing the factory radio amplifier output before the signal reaches your aftermarket amplifier or DSP.


The RCA output from this harness is high level (speaker level). Only use with an amplifier that has RCA type inputs that are designed for high level input. Using this harness with an amplifier that is not designed for high level input will cause a direct short at the radio’s rear speaker outputs and can cause damage to the radio. If you are not sure, give us a call and we can help you determine this before you make your connections.


Cut speaker cable to length if its too long and connect to amplifier outputs. Tip: if you just score the blackjacket but not cut through, and then bend the cable, the jacket will snap cleanly where you have scored it.Don’t try to cut all of the way through. You will just end up cutting into the speaker wires inside.

● Red = Right +

● Black = Right -

● White = Left +

● Green = Left -

Connect the RCAs to your amplifier or DSP signal input. Twin 2 pin connectors near the black plastic box allow you to disconnect the load balance circuit while routing the cables to the front of the bike. Secure the black box to a solid surface in the fairing. Zip ties or Velcro works well.

For assistance with installation and system setup

Phone: 1(888) 311-0016 Email:

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2014+ Ultra Rear Speaker and Signal T Harness

Installation detail of American Hard Bag Ultra rear signal and speaker interface

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