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Harley Plug & Play Speaker To RCA Kit


The RCA output from this harness is high level (speaker level). Only use with an amplifier that has RCA type inputs that are designed for high level input. Using this harness with an amplifier that is not designed for high level input will cause a direct short at the radio’s rear speaker outputs and can cause damage to the radio. If you are not sure, give us a call and we can help you determine this before you make your connections.


Disconnect the two speaker pods inside the front fairing. Each speaker pod will have a black two pin Molex connector located on the outside of the pod. Connect the harnesses that you remove from the speaker pods to these plug & play RCA harnesses. This converts your factory Harley radio front speaker output to an RCA type connection. Pay attention to left and right sides. 


These pigtails run from the fairing speaker pods to the amplifier. Your kit will also come with connectors that should be used to connect. These connectors will have female pins with unterminated speaker wire on the opposite end. 



If you purchased a Velocity Speaker Design kit you may have a front wire harness that looks like this one instead of the two pigtails mentioned above. This is part #VWH-FPOD. This harness serves the same purpose but it is plug and play with your amplifier and it gives you a service disconnect point. Simply connect each 2 pin female connector to the corresponding speaker pod in your fairing. Red and black wires = right. Green and white = left.

Optional Rear Speaker Output

If you purchased the rear output option of this harness your kit will include the adapter shown above. This adapter converts the twin two pin connections to a single 4 pin connector that is plug and play with the rear speaker output of your factory Harley radio. 


Locate the rear speaker output harness behind the radio. This will be an unpopulated 4 pin connector with a rubber plug in it. 


This kit comes with load resistor packs (built in) that mimic the resistive load of a factory speaker. Late model Harley radios require a resistive load of a speaker in order to perform correctly. When connecting the factory radio’s speaker outputs to an aftermarket amplifier, the resistive load is shifted from 2-4 ohms of resistance (factory speaker) to 10K - 20K ohms of resistance that the aftermarket amplifier presents. These built in resistors do not reduce the signal voltage and do not convert the balanced output of your radio to a common ground signal. Always use these RCA adapters with a high quality amplifier or DSP that accepts a speaker level voltage over and RCA type connection. 

Harley Radio Flash

Always make sure your factory radio has been properly flashed when ever adding aftermarket amplifiers to a Harley. Click the video link below for a full explanation. 


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2014+ Plug & Play Speaker to RCA Kit with Load Resistor Packs

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