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2014 - Present Harley 5x7 To 6x9 Lid Adapter Kit

Notice: This article covers several kits including the Velocity SPK-14-5x7-OverDrive, LIDS-SPK-14-PR-R690, LIDS-SPK-14-PR-RZ69H and the American Hard Bag IP-14-5x7-6x9. Note that the IP-14-5x7-6x9 kit does not include a tweeter mount but the installation of the kit is the same as depicted below.

  • CVO electronic lid lock mechanisms are compatible with this kit, but require the addition of our optional CVO lid lock adapter.


Place your lid on a level non-scratch surface. Unscrew and remove the grill. Tape off the entire painted surface of your speaker lids to protect them while you work. Remove lid hardware and latching mechanism.


Cut the plastic basket off of the under side of the lid with an oscillating multi-tool followed by a grinder. You'll want a flat mounting surface for the kit to bolt up to. Be very careful of the painted surface of the lid. It is easy to damage. Do Not grind off the four factory speaker grill mounting points!!!


Use small cutters to remove the last pieces of the basket where a grinder will not reach if needed.


Enlarge the factory 5x7" speaker mounting holes with a 17/64" drill bit. Insert the supplied aluminum nutserts from the top side of the lid and squeeze each with a proper nutsert tool. These are not pop rivets, so Do Not over squeeze!!! The nutserts only need to be tight enough to hold their position while the adapter screws are put in place. Tightening the nutserts more does not hold the speaker in any better. There is no benefit to squeezing the nutserts any more than they need to be in order to hold them in place with a moderate amount of twisting force from the adapter screws. Note that the rear most hole closest to the wheel side of the lid is closer to the speaker opening than the other three holes. Take care to ensure that the drill bit is centered before enlarging this hole. When squeezing the nutsert, be sure not to over tighten. In the event that the nutsert is over tightened, the plastic may crack at the edge of the hole. If this does happen, the mounting point will still be strong and capable of a lot of clamping force. It is just not as pretty under a microscope. Done correctly, the plastic will not crack at all.

Note: Once complete, re-install the grill and latching mechanism using your pre-existing hardware.


Your kit comes with a generous amount of quality foam speaker gasket. Install the gasket on the lid AND between the speaker and the adapter. It is critical to performance of the speaker system that the speaker have an air tight seal against the bag lid. Also use the gasket to seal the speaker to the lid adapter.


Not all kits have a tweeter mounted in the 5x7 spacer as pictured below. On a smooth surface, place the tweeter over the pre-marked screw points on the bracket. Hand tighten securely with our provided (four) black stainless steel 1/2" phillips panhead screws. Do Not overtighten!!!

Press the pre-wired tweeter harness into the channel by hand. The harness should appear similar to the image below when installed correctly. Notice that the wire starts on the underside of the bracket and then is routed up to the top side where the wire channel is.

Recommendation: Attach a small black zip tie securely around the vertical channel and cut off the excess with small snippers. Do Not cut the harness!!! Notice that one of the mounting holes has an open slot in it. These brackets are directional and must be used on the correct side lid (left or right).


With the threaded inserts and foam gasket securely in place, its time to test fit the bracket. Notice that one of the mounting holes has an open slot. This will be the rear outside mounting point, the opposite side of the lid latch. Once you have completed test fitment, place the speaker bracket over the protruding nutserts and gently press to into position. Next, reinstall the speaker grill onto the lid.


Place the 5x7 to 6x9 adapter over the 5x7 spacer. Make sure the mounting hole with the flat spot on the adapter is directly above the mounting hole with the flat spot on the 5x7 spacer, on the outer edge of the lid, opposite side of the latch. Place the provided (four) 2" phillips flat head machine screws in their associated fastener holes and hand tighten each screw with a screwdriver. Note: The nutserts are aluminum and the machine screws are stainless steel. Dissimilar metals can create galling between sliding surfaces. Hand tighten only!!! Do Not overtighten!!! If the nutserts have been installed correctly, there should not be any problems with the nutsert spinning in the plastic. If you do encounter spinning, you have probably cross threaded the fastener. Back the screw out and try again. When done correctly, spinning nutserts is not a problem. But you must use hand tools and not power tools and you must make sure that the screws are inserted straight and not cross threaded.


Screw your new 6x9" speaker into place using the supplied (four) #8 1" phillips stainless screws to run through the entire thickness of the adapter for maximum strength. If your kit has a component tweeter, be sure to install the supplied tweeter crossover in line between the tweeter and the 6x9 as shown in the tweeter user manual. We recommend mounting the tweeter crossover to the under side of the lid with a zip tie so that it is concealed under the lid tether.


Feel free to contact us with any questions you might have.

4051 Alvis Ct. Unit #4

Rocklin, CA 95677

Call: 1(888) 311-0016


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2014+ Harley 5x7 to 6x9 CVO Lid Adapter Kit


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