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Ultra Rear Radio Signal & Speaker T Harness


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Use this harness when adding an aftermarket amplifier to an Ultra model ('14 & up). 

Ultra model bikes do not have rear speaker signal available in the fairing of the bike. Instead, this speaker signal is available at the tour pack disconnect under the seat at the back of the bike. This harness runs rear speaker wires as well as rear signal from the radio back up to the front of the bike where you can use it with a fairing mounted aftermarket amplifier. 

  • Gives you tour pack speaker connections in the fairing up front
  • Gives you rear radio output connections (RCA) in the fairing up front
  • Load resistors built into the harness keeps the factory radio happy
  • Plug & Play

Note: this harness is intended for amplifiers and sound processors that have a speaker level input via RCA connection. This is a very typical situation. This harness does not reduce the signal voltage and is not a high to low converter (LOC). High to low converters are not generally required or recommended on '14 and up Harleys when retaining the factory radio. 

If you have any questions about this harness, feel free to contact us 1(916) 823-5256