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Ultimate '14 & Up Harley Integration Pack

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Ultimate '14 & Up Integration Pack

This is the very best option for getting superior sound from your factory '14 & up Harley radio. This kit is plug and play. You get a processor that intelligently analyzes your factory radio's frequency response and then compensates for any variation in the response all on it's own.

No Flash Needed!

No need to flash your radio. This kit accounts for signal attenuation, amplifier load, and frequency response. And it is all automated! This is a foolproof way of getting spectacular results from a factory Harley radio.

31 Band EQ for all 5 Channels!

Thats right; you get 5 channels of high quality RCA output from your factory radio with 31 bands of equalization on each. You can now set a separate EQ curve for your fairing speakers, lid speakers, and bag woofers. The tuning options are nearly unlimited. You have the option of just using the EQ settings that the processor sets up for you, or you can also add your own adjustments to those settings for front, rear, and woofer. 

Digital Crossovers Let You Push the Limits!

Don't settle for standard performance from your speakers. You can squeeze better sound and a lot more volume out of your speakers by using the digital crossovers this processor provides instead of the crossovers on your amplifiers alone. This processor includes 24db per octave crossovers that are twice as steep as what is normally found on an amplifier. This allows you to push a speaker to play down to a lower frequency and also to play to a higher volume level. 

4 Channels of Signal Input

Use 2 or 4 channels of input. No matter if your bike is flashed for 4 channels or 2 channels of speaker output, this kit has you covered. You can use just two channels of input and get 5 channels of RCA out, or you can feed it 4 channels of input (front and rear) and get 5 channels of output and also retain your factory fader function!

Available in Two Flavors

Options! Note that this kit is available with several options. Some options have additional charges. At the bottom of the options box there is a running total of any additional parts. This will be automatically added to the price of the kit when you add to cart. 

This kit can be purchased as a fairing mounted kit or as a saddlebag mounted kit. 

  • Fairing mounted kit comes with all of the plug and play connectors that you will need to mount this unit inside of your fairing, on top of your radio. If your amplifiers are in your bags or if you just manage to make the room in your fairing, this kit is what you need.
  • Saddlebag mounted kit is used when you don't have the room in your fairing (you have an amp up there already). This kit comes with a specialized set of harnesses for the bag as well as a mounting rack for the bag (as pictured above). All harnesses are quick release for the bag, watertight, loomed, and come with a chrome plated stainless steel wire inlet for the bag. All connections are provided to connect your factory radio to the processor inside the bag. All connections including battery connections are pre terminated for you and ready to plug in. 

RCA Output Configuration Notes: Does not come with RCAs unless you select them when adding to cart. If you select 6 channels of RCA output running to the fairing of the bike we will also ship you an RCA Y adapter for the 5th channel output so that you can use a standard 2 channel RCA. The 5th channel is mono but can be used for full range speakers such as bag woofers.