Hybrid Technologies Pro Audio Shallow 6x9


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There are many more speakers, amplifiers, and kits to choose from than what you see here.

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Loudest and Best Sounding 6x9 Period!

We recommend pairing this woofer with a compression horn tweeter for ultimate performance. The Hybrid 6x9 is a very unique design that has the ultra high efficiency and bandwidth of a pro audio speaker but has the long excursion and low frequency response that pro audio type speakers usually lack. This is without a doubt our favorite 6x9. 

Neo Magnets Are Much Better than Traditional Iron Magnets.

These speakers feature Neodymium magnets that are much smaller and much stronger than traditional iron magnets. Unlike a typical iron magnet a neo magnet has a much better focus of the magnetic flux. As a side benefit neo magnets weigh much less than iron magnets. This keeps your center of gravity lower on the bike.   

2 Ohm

Get more out of your amplifier. These woofers are 2 ohm. This effectively doubles the output from your amplifier if you have a 2 ohm stable amplifier (most all are). A great match for these woofers is 2 channels of a Diamond Audio Micro4v2 amplifier. That will net you 150 watts per speaker which is perfect for the Unity U69-S. Then you will have 2 channels left over for either compression horn tweeters or front speakers. 

  • Waterproof    
  • Smooth sounding over a very wide bandwidth
  • Great low frequency performance
  • Inverted surround provides more mounting options
  • Premium neo magnet
  • Low weight composite frame
  • Shallow profile does not hog up your bag space  
  • 2 Ohm!

Sold as a pair only and does not come with tweeters. 

Use these speakers with our lid adapters or bag woofer mounts that you can find here.

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