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Harley 10" Subwoofer Aggressor Stereo Speaker Upgrade Kit


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Harley Subwoofer Kit 1998 through Current Year

Add 10" Subwoofers to Your Harley Sound System with an "Aggressor Kit." Designed specifically for Diamond Audio DS102 (dual 2 ohm) or DS104 (dual 4 ohm) subwoofers. 

This kit produces more low bass than any other speaker arrangement. Nobody expects to here big bass like this from a Harley. This kit is not intended for use on the road. It is designed for show bikes and to impress a crowd. If you are looking for big sound that you can hear at highway speeds, we make other kits that are designed for that. See them here

This kit allows you to add up to two "10 subwoofers to your hard bags (one each bag).

The kit transforms your existing Harley hard bags into subwoofer enclosures. The 10" subwoofer is positioned in the center of the bag allowing you to still use the remaining portion of the bag as storage. This kit is designed to add deep aggressive bass to Harley audio systems. This is primarily intended for show bikes that want to impress a crowd. The 10" subwoofers produce much more bass than any other available speaker arrangement. The end result is a much more impressive sound that will grab everyone's attention. This system is not really intended for performance or use on public streets. 

Installation Instructions Can Be Found Here


Each kit includes a special extra long router bit in each kit that makes cutting the grill hole perfectly a simple effortless task.  We found a good quality trim bit with a 1/4" shank that will fit any trim router. This bit is an inch longer than the flush trim bits that you can typically find just about anywhere. Just another one of the many fine details that ensures a great end product.  



What Subwoofer Will Fit This Mount?

We highly recommend the Diamond audio DS104 subwoofer (dual 4 ohm). We have tested dozens of subwoofers with our Aggressor mount and the Diamond woofer stands out in the crowd as the obvious performer.  The Diamond DS104 shallow mount subwoofer is the best subwofer on the market for adding big bass to Harley hard bags. A perfect combination of ultra high excursion, ideal resonant characteristics, and exceptionally high power motor structure makes this the perfect subwoofer. 

What Kind of Bags Will This Kit Fit?

The Aggressor subwoofer kit is designed to fit Harley hard saddle bags between the years of 1998-2013 as well as 2014 & Up. The kit was originally designed for factory bags but has been found to work well with a variety of aftermarket bags including fiberglass replicas and extended bags as well. Notice that in our pictures we show the Aggressor kit installed in both a factory bag as well as an aftermarket extended fiberglass bag.

The kit will work with both standard Harley saddle bag lids as well as factory Harley lids with 6"X8" speaker provisions as shown in the pictures. We have also found these kits work well with many popular 8" speaker lids such as the Speed by Design lids. There are many aftermarket lids with additional configurations available that will likely work as well but we have not tested them as of yet.

The Kit Is Available in Three Different Variations:

  1. As a combination left & right bag kit that holds two woofers
  2. As a single left bag kit that holds one woofer
  3. As a single right bag kit that holds one woofer

Combo Discount

Purchase kit with the woofers or in pairs and get a discounted price!

Also available with or without the woofer(s). 

Depending on the configuration of your bike and on how extreme your expectations are, you can choose to either use a single woofer in one bag and mount your amplifier(s) in the other bag, or you can mount one woofer in each bag as well as an amplifier(s) in each bag. Bikes that have a fairing also have the option of mounting their amplifier(s) up front, inside the fairing. 

Double Your Bass Output! 

Add the optional Arc Audio BXM bass enhancer to both protect your subwoofers as well as increase the bass output. The BXM is a very small device (about 1" x 2" x 3/8") that plugs into your RCAs either at the radio or at the amplifier. Setup is quick and simple. The end result is much more bass and a lot less stress on your subwoofer, amplifier, and charging system. If you are looking for high output and huge bass, use an Arc Audio BXM bass enhancer module. You will get deep authoritative and stupid loud bass.This is a no-brainer. We recommend one of these units to be used on all subwoofer systems. 

This is not a bass boost and is not anything like other bass enhancers on the market.

Lots of Extras for a Complete Installation.

American Hard Bag Harley Subwoofer Stainless SteelAll Stainless Steel Hardware.

This kit is made in America and designed to last. All included fastening hardware is high quality Made in America stainless steel. Kit includes a 5 year warranty.

American Hard Bag Harley Subwoofer Grill TemplateCustom Stamped Grill & Cutout Jig.

The Aggressor kit comes with a nice stamped steel grill that faces the tire of your bike. We supply mounting instructions as well as a jig that will allow you to cut a perfect laser sharp opening for the grill to be mounted to. 

What Is Included in the Kit:

  • Aggressor Woofer Adapter (& Woofer if selected)
  • Stainless Mounting Hardware
  • Custom Stamped Steel Grill
  • Cutout Jig
  • Mounting Instructions & Technical Support
  • Bullet Proof 5 Year Warranty on Mount, 2 Year Warranty on Woofer (if selected)

What Is Not Included with This Kit:

  • Amplifier
  • Saddle Bags
  • Lids
  • Bike