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Helix-Diamond Speaker-Amplifier Combo 2014+ Harley Street Glide C-14SGHXDA-SYS1


Complete Plug-and-Play Extreme-Level Harley Street Glide Stereo System Upgrade

This kit comes loaded with all of the parts you need to upgrade your 2014-and-Up Street Glide. This is top-level gear, and it's all plug-and-play with the factory radio. So there is no need to track down all of the best components, wire harnesses, and installation hardware. It's all included in this kit.

The Best Sound Quality

Step into the top level of pro audio Road Glide speakers. This kit includes everything you will need to add Diamond Audio M075T horns and MSPRO65 mid-woofers to your 2014+ Street Glide. This is a whole new level of loudness that has not been possible until now.

Easy Installation

We include several parts in this kit that make installation a snap. Included are quick disconnect harnesses for each of the horns and crossovers. The included speaker grills bolt into the place of the original factory grills. Each horn comes with a CNC machined HDPE backplate. All fasteners are stainless steel. The woofers are plug-and-play with the factory Harley speaker wiring and many more installation goodies!

IP65 Marine Grade Speakers

These speakers are designed to take all of the weather you can throw at them. They are treated for extreme UV exposure, extreme swings in temperature, high vibration, and water.

Competition Level Parts All-Around

There are no performance bottlenecks in this entire kit. Every part is the latest and greatest. The Helix amplifier has the most advanced DSP on the planet. The speakers come with custom grill-mounted horns. Every component comes with the best possible connection and wire harness solution possible. 

  Included in This Kit:

  • (1) Helix M FOUR DSP 4-Channel Amplifier with Integrated 10-Channel DSP
  • (1) Pair 6.5" Diamond Audio MSPRO65 pro audio woofers
  • (1) Pair Dual-stage Diamond Audio M075T compression horn tweeters 
  • (1) Pair Stamped steel, powder-coated Street Glide speaker grills with horn provisions
  • (1) 8 gauge OFC amplifier power kit for Harley Davidsons
  • (1) Set '14 & up Harley factory radio signal interface harness
  • (1) Set '14 & up Harley factory speaker pod interface connectors with extensions
  • (1) Set Neoprene speaker gasket
  • (1) Set CNC machined HDPE horn mounting rings 
  • (1) Set Pre-wired OFC tweeter extensions with serviceable quick disconnects

The Magic Compression Horns

The Diamond Audio M075T is a dual-stage horn design with a much smoother sound than what is ordinarily possible. The full format diaphragm is large and robust, which allows for extreme level output volumes. The magnet in these horns is actually in front of the diaphragm, and the voice coil is on the front side of the diaphragm, which is genius and allows for a much more compact horn design that easily fits in front of the midrange.

Bold Pro Audio Mid Woofers

The Diamond Audio MSPRO65 6.5" woofers are a significant improvement on all other pro audio type mid-woofers on the market. These woofers have a better bottom-end response. Other popular pro audio woofers sound notoriously thin on the bottom end. Diamond Audio uses a convex cone geometry that increases cone rigidity under load while keeping the moving mass down. This makes the speaker louder and better sounding.

 Note: The improved bottom end response of these woofers is superior to other 6.5 inch woofers on the market but should not be confused with the bass response of larger woofers like subwoofers or 6x9 lid speakers. 

Steel Speaker Grills with Horns Mounted

We stamp and mount the MO75T horns for you. Black coated stainless steel fasteners are used, and a CNC machined HDPE backplate so that the speaker grills match the integrity of the rest of the bike.

12db Crossovers Add a Lot to Performance and Reliability

Most of the horns on the market come with 6db caps for crossovers. Those types of crossovers have a lot of problems, though. The sound of a horn using just a cap changes dramatically with volume, making it impossible to tune your system to sound equally as good at high volume as lower volumes. The crossovers included in this kit are 12db crossovers with a much higher power handling and a much more stable output at all volume levels.

Helix M FOUR DSP 4-Channel Amplifier with Integrated 10-Channel DSP

The Brand New Helix M FOUR DSP is a powerful 4-channel amplifier with a fully integrated digital sound processor manufactured in Germany that brings a continuous output of 135 Watts per channel, both at 4 Ohms and 2 Ohms. This game-changing control center is cool, compact, efficient, and up for any challenge in your Harley system.

Perfect for integration with factory Harley radios, the M Four amplifier/DSP has many features that make it different from anything else ever made.


Fits 2014-Present Street Glides. Will not fit in the fairing of '13 and down Road Glide or Street Glide. Works with all radio flashes, factory (i.e., Ultra, CVO, Standard, etc.), and aftermarket (i.e., Rockford, Kicker, Soundz, etc.).

 Helix M Four DSP Amplifier Harley Radio Connections

Factory Harley Radio Interface for Front Signal Included

There is No need to buy a separate radio connection harness. Plug-and-play connections are included with this amplifier. There is also no need for an external radio load compensation network either. The Helix M Four DSP amplifier has an advanced radio load compensation circuit built-in. Helix amplifiers do not require the complex and bulky signal interfaces that all other amplifiers and DSP units require. This makes connections much simpler and much cleaner. 

Helix M Four DSP Harley Accessory Connection

Factory Harley Accessory Power Interface Included

There is no need to cut into the factory radio harness to get accessory turn-on power. A plug-and-play connection and cable are included.

Premium 8 Gauge Power Harness

The included power harness is 100% OFC (oxygen-free copper). The ANL fuse holder is waterproof and install-friendly. The power cables have been pre-terminated, heat shrunk and loomed for you. Comes with a mounting pad making for a beautiful installation in the fairing every time.

Harley Davidson Fairing Speaker Pod Connectors

Plug and Play Speaker Pod Connectors with Extensions

Don't cut any wires! We include plug and play connectors for the factory speaker pods in the fairing. This makes the installation easy. Plug into the pods and connect the speaker wire extensions into your new amplifier.

Neoprene Speaker Gasket

It wouldn't make any sense to install the best speakers without properly sealing them into the speaker pods. So we include a unique but straightforward gasket that we have manufactured just for speakers in Harley Davidson applications. The adhesive and the neoprene rubber maintain integrity for years in extreme temperatures.

Specifications - Amplifier/DSP:

  • Model: M FOUR DSP
  • Power RMS: @ 4 Ohms: 4 x 135 W; @ 2 Ohms: 4 x 135 W; Bridged @ 4 Ohms: 2 x 270 W
  • Amplifier Technology: Class D
  • Inputs: 6x RCA, 6x High-level speaker, 1x Optical SPDIF, 1x Remote In
  • Input sensitivity: RCA 1-4 V, Highlevel 5-20 V
  • Input impedance RCA: 22 kOhms
  • Input impedance high-level: 9-33 Ohms
  • Outputs: 4x Speaker, 6x RCA, 2x Remote Out
  • Output voltage RCA: 6 Volts RMS
  • Frequency response: 20 Hz-22,000 Hz
  • DSP resolution: 64 Bit
  • DSP power: 295 MHz
  • Sampling rate: 48 kHz
  • DSP Type: Audio signal processor
  • Signal converters: A/D: AKM 32 Bit, D/A: AKM 32 Bit
  • Signal-to-noise ratio digital input: 105/108 dB Speaker / Line Output
  • Signal-to-noise ratio analog input: 102/105 dB Speaker / Line Output
  • Distortion: < 0.03/0.005 % Speaker / Line Output
  • Damping factor: 100
  • Operating voltage: 10.5-16 Volt (max. 5 sec. down to 6 Volts)
  • Idle current: 1500 mA
  • Max. remote output voltage: 500 mA
  • Fuse: 2x 30A LP-Mini-Fuse
  • Additional features: ADEP.3 circuit, Auto Remote switch, 32 Bit CoProcessor, Control Input
  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 2.0” x 9.06” x 6.06”

Specifications - Woofers:

  • Model: MSPRO65
  • Power Rating: 200 W RMS/ 400 MAX
  • Sensitivity: 97dB 1W/1M
  • Frequency Response: 110Hz-10k Hz+/-3dB
  • Nominal Impedance: 4 ohm
  • Mounting Depth: 2.375"
  • Cut-out Diameter: 5.625"
  • Over-all Diameter: 6.5"
  • Over-all Height: 2.5625"

Specifications - Compression Horn Tweeters:

  • Model: M075T
  • Overall Diameter: 2.28"
  • Cut-Out Diameter: 1.61"
  • Over-All Depth: 2.0"
  • Mounting Depth: 1.12"
  • Sensitivity: 106 dB 1W/1M
  • Frequency Response: 2k - 20k
  • Nominal Impedance: 4 Ohm
  • Power Handling: 50W RMS / 100W Max
  • Included Crossover: 12db


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  • Helix Components: 1 Year
  • Diamond Audio Components: 1 Year
  • American Hard Bag Components: 5 Years
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