Garage Sale Items

Garage sale

Here you will find discounted parts that are not sellable as new. Many of these items have been used for system mockups or product pictures. All items are known to be in functional condition but do not carry any kind of warranty, but are guaranteed to be as described.




Clearance Items Are Not Listed below and Are Phone Order Only!

We currently have a pile of both new and open box items that we need to clear out. All items are new and come with full warranties unless otherwise stated. We often buy new product to try out or look at that either never makes it to the website or for some purchasing reason we end up with a limited quantity of. This stuff quickly starts to pile up. Most of these items can not be listed on our site (not even here) for a number of reasons. If you are interested in saving a lot on perfectly new speakers and amplifiers, give us a call to see what we have and what kind of a deal we have going on. Please do not ask us to email you a list of items.

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