Wire Harness Combo for Fairing Mounted Amplifiers with Saddlebag Mounted Speakers

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Combo Deal!

Everything that you need to install a high power amplifier in the fairing of your Road Glide, Street Glide, or Electra Glide with saddlebag mounted speakers. This kit consists of three parts.

This kit is perfect for adding lid or bag speakers and an amplifier to a bike that only has fairing speakers.

  1. Scosche 8 gauge power kit with waterproof fuse holder, pre-loomed, heat shrunk, and terminated power cables. This kit comes with a bunch of little extras that make the installation go smooth like speaker connectors, remote turn on wire, speaker wire, zip ties, and a large Velcro pad that you can use to secure your amplifier to the top of your radio. 
  2. Scosche 1 foot RCAs
  3. Split Backbone speaker cable that runs the length of your bike with waterproof quick disconnects for each bag. This harness is made from quality 14 gauge OFC and uses genuine Delphi waterproof connectors. Stainless steel chromed wire inlets make your wire runs into the bags look like perfection. 


  • All OFC wire
  • Waterproof connectors
  • Waterproof Mini ANL fuse holder (60 amp)
  • Stainless hardware included
  • Chromed battery connections
  • Black braided loom on all cables