Custom Harley Saddle Bag Wire Harness for Speakers & Amplifiers


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We Build Full Systems!
There are many more speakers, amplifiers, and kits to choose from than what you see here.

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Finally! A Kit That Allows You to Install Amplifiers and Speakers in Hard Bags Properly.

Save yourself endless hours of work.

This premium wiring kit provides quality quick disconnects for Power, Ground, Remote Turn-On, RCA Signal, & up to 4 pairs of Speakers (8 total). Additionally you can opt to upgrade the power lines and fusing, if you plan on using an amplifier that has a current draw greater than 30 amperes (up to 120 A). All connections are designed for use in high vibration, high heat, and high moisture environments. All wire lengths and connection positions are specific for Harley Davidson baggers. Once installed, the harness is completely concealed from view and compliments the bikes factory mechanical integrity.   

All configurations come with 8 gauge amplifier power, ground, fuse holder and fuse, power quick disconnect, remote turn-on, stainless steel wire clamp(s), stainless hardware for the wire clamps, an assortment of connectors, zip ties, extra braided wire loom, extra speaker wire, and even an Allen wrench for the fuse holder.  

Speaker and RCA lines are all optional so that you can configure this harness for your particular installation. Note: that RCAs and speaker lines must be selected when ordering. This kit does not come with them by default. 


  • All OFC wire (oxygen free copper), no cheap aluminum junk. 
  • Stainless Steel Wire Clamp/Pass Through
  • Harley Friendly, Mountable Fuse Holders
  • Mountable High Amperage Rated Power Quick Disconnects
  • Waterproof 20A Speaker Quick Disconnects
  • Chrome Plated Ring Terminals for Battery Connections
  • Directional Twisted Pair RCAs
  • Abrasion Resistant (and sexy looking) Braided Wire Loom 
  • Fully Assembled & Terminated, with Heat Shrink, & Loom.
  • Expandable. Add a Crosslink to Other Bag, Upper & Lower Fairing Harnesses to Front of Bike, Etc.
  • Customizable! Harnesses are very versatile and already setup for the most common types of installs. 
  • Made in America

Note: If you have amplifiers on both sides of your bike; choose what you need for one bag, add that set up to your cart, and then come back to this page and choose your setup for the other bag, then add that to your cart as well. Give us a call if you have any questions. 

Speakers Only?

Want to add speakers to your bags but not an amp? You need our Speaker Harness for Saddlebags. You can find that harness here.

Fully Assembled & Terminated

Each harness is fully assembled with connectors crimped, sealed, and harness loomed.

Amperage Configurations 

30A kits can be used with amplifiers that have a fuse rating of 30 amperes or less, 60A, and 120A kits are also available. Choose the option that matches the fuse rating for your amplifier. Call 1 (916) 295-3959 if you have any questions. 

  • 30A kits have single 10 gauge positive and single 10 gauge negative primary connections with a single mini ATM style fuse holder.
  • 40-60A kits have single 8 gauge positive and single 8 gauge negative primary connections with a Mini ANL style fuse holder. 40A kits are very popular with several of the high power mini amplifiers on the market such as the JL Audio HX and MHX series amplifiers. These amplifiers require 35 amp of current .More than you want to pull through a single 10 gauge but not enough to justify the extra bulk of a 60A kit. 
  • 120A kits have single 4 gauge positive and single 4 gauge negative primary connections with a single Mini ANL style fuse holder.

What is a Crosslink?

If you have speakers in your bags, you need a crosslink.

Crosslink Crosslink Up Close

A crosslink is an additional 3 part harness that connects speakers in one bag to an amplifier in the bag on the opposite side of the bike. This is what you will need if you have speakers in both bags. The crosslink comes with a harness that exits the bag which contains your amplifier, and a harness that is routed from one side of the bike to the other, as well as a third wire harness for the opposite bag. An additional stainless steel wire clamp and hardware for the opposite bag is also included. 

Installation Tip:

You can use a cross link harness to connect the speakers in your left bag to the amplifier in the right bag, and visa versa. This way you can tune the amplifier with that bag open, but have the bag lid closed that has the speaker being powered. This makes setup much simpler and more accurate.