Diamond HXM8 8" Full Range Woofer Set


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Diamond Audio HXM8 woofers are some of our favorite woofers. These woofers are extremely loud with hard hitting bass. They play deeper and lower than many of the other 8" pro audio type woofers on the market and still play just as loud as a pro audio type woofer. There are a few very important advantages to the HXM line of speakers that pro audio speakers typically lack.

  1. Waterproof. Made for the marine environment, these speakers are even salt water certified.
  2. Neodymium magnet. Neodymium magnets are much stronger than traditional iron magnets found on most speakers, but are also much smaller and lighter. This is great for baggers, because we don't want a bunch of extra weight if we can avoid it. The smaller neodymium magnets also leave a lot more bag space as well. With two of these 8" woofers in each of your saddlebags (total of 4!) you will still have enough room to get a half helmet, gloves, tool kit, and a jacket in your bags.  
  3. Built in oversized tweeter. These speakers have spectacular off axis frequency response due to the over sized titanium dome tweeter. Having a built in tweeter means that you don't have to add horn tweeters to get full range sound. 
  4. Very high efficiency. These woofers put out a tremendous amount of sound for every watt that you give them. 120 watts per speaker is ideal. No other speaker that we have come across can output the kind of acoustic power that these speakers can any where near the 120w range.
  5. Easy to manage frequency response. When you get to this level of of performance most speakers can be a real challenge to manage when it comes to smooth frequency response. A lot of equalization and crossover manipulation is typically required to get pro audio speakers sounding correct. The HXM design does away with external horn tweeters, crossovers, and uneven response. These speakers sound great out of the box and have all components including 12db crossovers built right into the speaker.  

Sold in pairs only

HXM8 Dimensions

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