Diamond Elite Component 6x9 Kit with Bagger Tweeter Mount/Spacer


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Get the Most out of Your Bagger Sound System with Component 6x9s.

This speaker kit comes as a kit with a machined spacer/tweeter mount that is specific to the Diamond Elite 6x9 speaker set. The spacer is available in two varieties.

  • Standard 6x9. Works with most any aftermarket 6x9 speaker lid.
  • Harley Specific spacer that will bolt up to Harley Boom Audio 5x7" speaker lids. This is a great way to squeeze a much more capable speaker into a factory Harley lid ('13 and down only).

This is the 6x9 speaker set to get!

We are big fans of this particular speaker set because it is much better suited for the Harley environment than most 6x9s on the market.

Component speakers have several advantages over their coax counter parts.

  • Waterproof! Unlike Coax Speakers, Water Will Never Get into Your Bags.
  • Higher Power Woofer Motor Structure
  • Higher Power Ferro Fluid Cooled Tweeter Design
  • Adjustable External Crossovers. The larger components in the external crossovers allow these speakers to play at higher volume levels for extended amounts of time without signal saturation in the inductor coils.