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2014-Up Harley Plug & Play 7 Band Digital EQ for Factory Radio


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Don't Settle for Factory Radio Sound!

This kit comes with everything that you will need to add a 7 band digital EQ to your 2014-Up Harley radio. The EQ fits in your fairing and is controlled entirely by your smartphone (Apple or Android).

No Need to Flash!

Don't worry about having your bike flashed. This kit will take care of the distortion issue that Harley radios have when used with aftermarket amplifiers because it comes with the correct load resistors built right into the included harnesses. The 7 band EQ can correct for the frequency issues that Harley radios are known for. The 7 band EQ also allows you to add a lot of extra performance that you simply miss out on with the factory bass and treble controls. 

Easy to Connect - Plug & Play

This kit connects to the front speaker pods with plug & play connectors for signal and comes with a fused power harness that is ready to be connected to the battery. 

Note: this unit is intended to be used with aftermarket amplifiers only. Will not work with the factory amplifier(s).

Easy to Use and Setup

Simply download the free EQ app and connect your smartphone via Bluetooth. That's it! A baby could set this thing up.

Additional Connectors

This kit also comes with the connectors that mate to your faring speaker pods. This way you can connect your aftermarket amplifier directly into your fairing speaker pods without any cutting or splicing into the bike's wire harnesses. 

Digital EQ for Harley Davidson factory radios