Winter Project

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If you're getting started on those winter projects, like a new sound system, we have a tech tip for you that will set you on the right path. Wire management is the key to a great sound system installation. With the right wire management practices, the job goes much smoother and the install will have better integrity once complete.

Tip 1 Before you install a single item in the fairing, start by removing the factory fairing harness and get it out of your way. The 2014 and newer bikes have a removable sub harness in the fairing that is really easy to remove. With the fairing harness out of the way you can start your system with a wide open space and end up with a much cleaner installation.

Tip 2 There is more than one way to deal with the harness mounting points. The fairing harness is tied to the bike using several zip tie push mounts that have ¼” barbed stems that secure the harness to the fairing structure. If you are a neat freak like me, you can cut the integrated zip tie off of each mounting point with flush cutters and then when the harness goes back on the bike you simply replace the integrated zip tie with a new regular zip tie. If you break or lose one of these factory zip tie mounts you can buy new ones from Amazon or even your local automotive parts store.

Tip 3 Secure the factory wire harness to the sides of the fairing structure on Road Glides. This makes installing an amplifier under the radio much easier. By zip tying the harnesses and amplifier power cables to the sides of the radio structure, you can keep the wiring out of the way of the amplifier. This will make installing and servicing the amplifier much easier.

Tip 4 Even if you are not replacing the factory radio, go ahead and remove it while you work in the fairing. It’s just four bolts and a couple of connectors. Removing the radio will make working in the fairing much easier.


We've made your winter project even easier by creating and offering these 4 complete systems. Everything you need from start to finish to upgrade your bagger's audio system. If you need help during install, we've got a great library full of installation articles here or you can give us a call at 888-311-0016 and one of our techs will be happy to walk you through things.


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